Health Science Labs- Endangered Species

Not too long ago I did a review for Health Science Labs Endangered Species line and some of their bath toys, vitamins, eco-ID labels, and eco-doodle. A few months later I can say they are still a big hit with E and the eco-ID labels are still stuck to her cups that go in the dishwasher every day! She still loves playing with the foam animals for however long I allow her to stay in the tub. She would seriously stay in there all day if I let her. So when they asked if I wanted to review some of their new eco-bath pals, eco-bath mitts, and color me eco-pack I was thrilled!

Of course as soon as E opened the box she stole the mitts and pals and took off with them. They are now her babies which get to take a bath- unlike all of her other dolls. She has loved that she can play with a stuffed animal in the water. Since most dolls are made of PVC plastic (major no-no for bath time play!!), E only has a few cotton dolls. She has discovered imaginative play and likes to use stuff animals to role play- so this has been lots of fun for her. The eco-bath pals and eco-bath mitts are made with recycled polyester and the washcloths are made out of recycled cotton. All Endangered Species items support Defenders of Wildlife.

The eco-pals Harp Seal and Green Sea Turtle have a scrubbie belly to help get kids clean. I love that you can bathe your kiddo while talking about endangered animals. They are soft on the top and efficient on their bellies. You can get the eco-pals for $18.99.

I love the splish splash dolphin eco-mitts and how they can be used as puppets. E has loved putting them on her hand and have them jump in and out of the water. These would be great for water tables as well! You can get the mitts (2 dolphins) for $18.99.

After E took the pals and mitts, she decided to color her eco-pack on her own. My couch has a high back and E’s play area is on the other side… so I was surprised to turn around and see the eco-pack fully colored. 🙂

The eco-pack is made with recycled cotton and plastic. Each bag comes with 8 washable, water-based, non-toxic markers. So that means you can wash the bag and color it all over again! This is great for traveling- especially since you can pack the bag with goodies. It reminds me of the drawstring bags we made in home ec in middle school. 🙂 The eco-pack is $14.99 and comes in 3 different themes- under the water, safari, and jungle.

You can get the eco-pack, eco-mitts, and eco-pals at Endangered Species- Health Science Labs!


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