When Being Eco is Hard

I feel like a big meanie and I don’t like it! Being eco around the holidays is really hard now that E is getting older and has her own opinions. It was a challenge to get through Halloween without buying silly plastic toys/gifts, new costumes, and staying away from candy- especially with a really cute kiddo batting her thick eyelashes begging please. Thanksgiving will be difficult with our food limitations (low sugar, organic, and gluten-free). And now we are delving into holiday shopping and my baby wants to ask Santa for plastic junk. 😦

Now my kiddo will tell you when we pass by Chick-fil-a or McDonalds that we don’t eat there because they have chemicals in their food. She will tell you that we don’t eat lots of sweet stuff because too much sugar can make you sick. And she will tell you that soap has bad chemicals so we have to use the safe stuff. But how do I explain that My Little Pony (her favorite TV show which she has to earn each day to watch) characters & play sets are made with bad plastic when her friends have them?

Now, for the record, I’m not 100% that My Little Pony’s are made with bad plastic. In 2008 & 2009 they were tested by HealthyToys.org and they were given a medium hazard since they were made with PVC. I emailed Hasbro to find out if they have changed the plastics, but am awaiting a reply. But they are still plastic…

I vowed to stop buying plastic toys- unless they are made with recycled plastics. I vowed to stay away from commercialism. Our rule is that if you see it on TV, we can’t/won’t buy it. I vowed to never get sucked back into the hole- like the princess one we fell in a couple of years ago.  And here we are again. When I told E that she probably won’t get My Little Pony’s for Christmas, she started crying and became really sad. How am I supposed to get past that if she asks Santa? This is when being eco is really hard…


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