Howl-O-Fest Boo Blast at Carowinds

We had the best day at Carowinds and their Howl-O-Fest’s Boo Blast!

I was only aware of Scarowinds (which is Carowinds turned into a haunted amusement park at night) until Thursday when I was told about the kids version- Howl-O-Fest’s Boo Blast.  It is tucked away at the side of the main entrance of Carowinds near the amphitheater and is loads of fun for everyone!

Starting at 12 p.m., Howl-O-Fest’s Boo Blast activities begin. Your kiddo can meet Charlie Brown and friends, plus some other friendly costume characters; play in a Foam Pit; go through the Great Pumpkin Patch maze; pick a (free) pumpkin from the Mumpkin Patch; play ghostly games; get their face painted; color; and more! I was really impressed E zipped right through the maze by herself.

Starting at 2 p.m. there is trick-or-treating in the Boo Blast- plus in 5 other areas in the park. You are given a Boo Blast Treasure Hunt map to find the treasures throughout Carowinds. There are other special events going on at the Boo Blast at different times like the Fraidy Cat Show, Kiddie-oke, Peanuts Dance Party, and the attraction closes with a Costume Parade at 4:45 p.m.!

Howl-O-Fest’s Boo Bash would make an excellent pre-Halloween party to take the kiddos to next weekend! October 29 and 30th are the last 2 days Carowinds is open until Spring 2012. Howl-O-Fest’s Boo Blast is truly the perfect farewell to the amusement park fun.

We spent around an hour and a half at the Boo Bash then headed into the park to ride the fun rides.  E  got to experience her first front seat roller coaster ride- and now she is hooked!

If she was tall enough, she would have been on the upside down roller coasters. 🙂 She was 2 inches too short to ride some of the rides when we visited in April, so we waited the perfect amount of time before returning.

Throughout Carowinds, there are skeletons and other Halloween decor. The super scary stuff that is saved for Scarowinds was closed down so the kiddos couldn’t see. But there were some graveyards, broken skeletons, ghosts, grim reapers, and creepy clowns- which were very frightening to me! (I am terrified of clowns.) There was also a Boo Blast ride where you have a “boo blaster” to aim and shoot the ghosts which wasn’t very scary. E laughed and said it was like Ghost Busters.

If you are in the Charlotte area, I highly suggest checking out Howl-O-Fest’s Boo Blast at Carowinds before it closes! If not this year, definitely check it out next year.

*I was given free admission for this review. This is no way alters my opinions. These are my thoughts, feelings, and results. 


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