Assorted Pumpkin Seeds

Yay! It’s the first day of Fall! And how do we celebrate? With pumpkin seeds!! Pumpkin patches are up and running, super markets have pumpkins in bins, and super stores have oodles of pumpkins everywhere! As soon as it drops 10 degrees we will be heading out to pick our own carving pumpkin, but for now, a nice small baking pumpkin is perfect for pumpkin seeds.

Some people like sweet, some like spicy, and some like plain. That’s why I make them all at once, by putting them in muffin pans and seasoning to taste!

Above are a mixture of garlic, sea salt, cracked red pepper, and pepper. You can also add cayenne or  paprika for an extra kick!

E likes hers sweet, so I add a pinch of organic sugar and a bunch of cinnamon! They are super yummy!

How do you like your seeds?

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