Where to Begin When Wanting to Live a Eco-friendly/Non-toxic Lifestyle

I love that my mom is my biggest supporter when it comes to our eco lifestyle. I love that she shares the info that she has learned from me to her friends and family members (even the ones who don’t want to hear it) and she stands firm, especially when children are involved. Several of her amazing friends have asked her where to begin, so I created a list that I thought I’d share with you in case there are things you don’t know about!

Phone Apps:
If you have a iPhone, download the following free apps: GoodGuide and Healthy Child, Healthy World. They make shopping soooo much easier! The GoodGuide is just starting, so once they build up, it will be awesome. You will be able to scan barcodes at the store to check the safety rating!! Healthy Child, Healthy World has an amazing pocket guide with Safer Plastics, Eat Healthy, Safer Baby Gear, Safer Sunscreen, Safer Baby Food, Safer Cleaning, Safer Repellents, Safer Formula, Baby Body Care, Personal Care, and Easy Steps.

The Beginning:
  • The best first step into eco living is to check out the EWG SKin Deep and test a few personal care items you have or your child has. This will make you want to learn more!
  • Healthy Stuff tests toys, pet products, kid products, home goods, car stuff, and more for hazardous chemicals and also has some great info:
  • If you are shopping online, you can also use the GoodGuide. They score 1-10, 10 being the safest. My advise is to avoid anything under a 7 or 8.

Learning the basics:
My TOP Favorite Eco Companies. (I love many other companies, but I can’t list them all and all categories.)

Personal Care:
Organic Clothes:

If you are eco, what are some of your favorite companies? There are so many other amazing companies!!

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