HABA 2011 Educational Fun

E began homeschool this week, which has been loads of fun! I have been preschool homeschooling her for the past 2 years without any structure, but this year she is started kindergarten, with some 1st grade stuff mixed in. 

Now I’ve been in search of some fun manipulatives and came across the awesome press release of HABA’s  2011 line. I thought some of these were amazing, so I had to share my favorites! 

These are all great for 3+ (though the first game might need supervision) and can be used in various ways. I love toys that can grow with a child so they are able to play and learn on their own. 

 Animal Upon Animal Balancing Bridge • $36 

Flamingo, giraffe, panther, bat and iguana start the adventure of their lives when they set off on a big journey. But there is a wobbly, hanging bridge leading over the four valleys they must cross. Luckily, the strong crocodile helps. Each player gets their secret stacking assignments. Your task is to pile the wooden animals shown on your assignment cards on the hanging bridge being sure the designated ones touch each at some point. Whoever proves to be the most skillful will accomplish the assignments first and win the game. A stacking game with animals for 2 – 4 Players. Recommended for ages 5 – 99 

Besides helping toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills, this colorful and fun threading toy teaches early number recognition. Contains: 10 numbered, wooden beads with number on one side and corresponding number of pictures on the other side, 1 threader and a cord. Made in Germany. Recommended for ages 3+. 

Whether building towers or doing first arithmetic these building blocks offer both possibilities. Two cubes can be written on with chalk – the solution of a problem for example. Ideal for becoming immersed in the world of mathematics and numbers. Numbers or arithmetical operations are printed on each side. Contains: 15 cubes (2 of which can be written on), 2 pieces of chalk and 1 sponge cloth). Recommended for ages 2 – 6. 

Discovering letters while constructing is no problem with these building blocks. They even allow words to grow vertically. Four dice can be written on with the included chalk so that longer words may be constructed. Ideal for exploring the universe of words. A letter printed on each side of the cube. Contains: 30 cubes (4 of which can be written on), 2 pieces of chalk and 1 sponge cloth). Recommended for ages 2 – 6. 
You can buy all 4 sets at Maukilo, which is owned and operated by HABA

HABA is known for their sustainable wooden products, usually beechwood, with non-toxic water based stains that are made in Germany. Maulkilo also has thousands of other amazing toys and brands. 

What are some of your favorite educational toys?

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