New and Exciting Things

July has been an interesting ride so far. A lot of ups and downs- especially last week!! Last week was my last week with Franklin Goose. BUT I joined an amazing company that I will share more details with later 😉 Let’s just say I’m more than excited to begin working with them.

Last week would have been my due date if I had not lost the baby/babies. Since the two sacs never truly developed with embryos, we have no clue of knowing it they were twins or not. But, my friend did welcome her son Alex into the world on Thursday!

I also found out E might be on the autism spectrum with PDD. We are going to try therapy before diagnosing, but it sure does make a lot of sense out of things I didn’t understand. E is a very intelligent little girl and is in no means disabled, but she does have some social awkwardness. I am very blessed to have 2 great therapist in the area to work with!

I took a little me time over the weekend and headed to the beach to reflect. Didn’t really get a chance to reflect because it was sooo freakin hot that was all I could think about! But, I feel refreshed and ready to begin the next stage of my life. I can’t wait to share the next journey with everyone and hopefully will have some extra time to get back to blogging. I hate being such a slacker!

I also am going to begin a little side business doing social media/PR work for small companies who can’t really afford to hire someone. If you know of someone, please have them contact me!

I hope everyone is keeping cool and having a great week!


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