Hello Friends

No, I didn’t drop off the face of the planet! I’m just trying to enjoy the Summer before it slips by us! 🙂 As of right now I’m working 2 jobs, running 9 (yes, 9) Facebook & Twitter pages, trying to freelance, entertain a active 4 year old, keep up a social life, while enjoying the Summer. Oh yeah, add blogging!! It’s exhausting just saying it all.

Feel free to stop by and show some love on any of the following Facebook pages:
My personal site if you know me 😉
Of course my own- @Mkokopelli 
I’m an ambassador @Juice Beauty
Coolest recycled bags EVER @rocklovepeace
If you are in Charlotte, say hi on @MomsCharlotte
Cool baby gear @FranklinGoose
Richmond fans @FranlinGoose
Babywearing fans @FranklinGoose  (check out the hot dad pics wearing their babies!)

Cloth diapering fans @FranklinGoose

What has everyone been doing with their Summer so far? Where can I find YOU on Facebook? I’d love to say hi since I’m always there 😉


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