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Yes, I’ve been on a food blog kick lately. It’s rather shocking if you know me personally because I’m one of the pickiest eaters around. E and I both have sensory processing disorder, so there is a valid reason. But ever since my first Food article, I’ve been thinking a lot about what goes in our mouths. Not only is it important to eat mindful foods, it’s important to cook with mindful products! There is no reason to spend money on organic foods if you are going to taint them with PFCs or PTFEs!!

Safer Chemicals is targeting PFCs as a chemical of concern. Perfluorinated compounds, PFCs, are used in non-stick cookware and they help stain materials. There are several different types of PFCs but the most common found in cookware is PFOAs, which are used in Teflon products. PFOA is created when a non-stick cookware overheats and the coating starts breaking down. However, PFOA chemicals never break down and are turning up all over our environment. They are a known carcinogen, and have been linked to low sperm counts, thyroid disease, and they altered mammary tissue in lab rats.

Another chemical of concern is PTFE- polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE is a nonstick coating, mainly used in Duponts Teflon. PTFE starts to deteriorate at higher temperatures and begins to off gas. The degradation of PTFE has caused pet birds that are housed near the kitchen to die. There have also been reports of flu like symptoms in humans that have been exposed to PTFE off gassing.

Your best bet is to avoid Teflon and non-stick coated pans and purchase from a eco-friendly company like Man Pans.
Man Pans, branded by Lloyd Industries, (no relation) is a true eco-friendly cookware company. Not only do they manufacture sustainably in the USA, they create non-toxic top quality cookware. Man Pans got their name from the large handles of their first wok. The owner’s male friends picked up the pan and were excited that it fit, unlike so many other pans. So, the pans became Man Pans– even though women can enjoy too!

Man Pans has raw materials sent to their factory to begin phase 1 of the manufacturing process. This is so everything is made in one place rather than shipping parts from everywhere. This also allows them to reuse and recycle left over materials. They have a in house wastewater treatment line that allows them to reduce anodizing water consumption and wastewater generation by 1,700 gallons a day! 60% of their electricity comes from hydro and wind power.

Here is how the pans are made- taken from their website:

Tough Field-Tested Pans

ManPans are formed using a proprietary process and exceptional grade metals, resistant to warping, denting and scratching even under the toughest conditions. We are confident that our pans are the most durable products available, proven by restaurant kitchens across the US.

Type III Anodizing

This in-house process fuses a ceramic-like hard shell directly into our bake ware, producing a surface that meets NASA specifications for heat shield components on the space shuttle.

Eco-Friendly Release Coating

Years in development, our proprietary water-based, release coating outperforms and outlasts any other cookware finish with little or no special seasoning or handling, at temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Highly durable and long lasting, the metal utensil safe surface will last for many years even with heavy use.
Our products are 100% PTFE free and free from any fluoropolymer coatings.

  • Coating will not scratch, flake or come off in your food
  • Preserves delicate flavors and improves taste
  • Minimal oiling or seasoning
  • Release coating keeps integrity and is safe up to 700° Fahrenheit
  • Pans clean easily and thoroughly with hand washing
  • No PTFE, PFOA or other petrochemicals in our process, in fact the Washington Dept. of Ecology remarks about how we are an example of clean technology

Man Pans sells stir fry woks, sauce pans, saute pans, fry pans, and a steamer accessory.

I was sent the 10″ Wok/Steamer set and I am in love! My first thought was I couldn’t believe how light it was!!
The Wok/Steamer set comes with the wok, the steamer insert, and a lid.
  • The wok has a volume of 3 quarts
  • Features Gem-X2 coating that lets you cook vegetables and meats at high temperatures with minimal oil and our cool grip handle that keeps the heat in the pan
  • Deep curved sides promote excellent food stirring
  • Flat bottom sits level on cooking surface
  • Patent Pending Cool Grip Handle
  • Hard Anodized .080 Aluminum
  • Exceptional Durability
  • PTFE Free, Water-Based Release Coating: Gem-X2
  • Fast Cooking, Easy Clean Up
  • Heat Safe to 700 Degrees Fahrenheit

I have honestly never cooked with a steamer before. I make fajitas every week, so I was excited to try out a eco-friendly wok! With the sugar challenge, I’ve been using egg roll wraps (no sugar) instead of tortilla shells which have low amounts of sugar, but every bit counts! So, in the wok I used soy sauce and chicken and cooked on medium heat. In the steamer I added sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, and spinach. I cooked for 15 minutes and everything turned out perfect.

I am truly surprised at how much I love the steamer. The only issue I had with it was not knowing where to put it when I wanted to check on my meat. So I used tongs and set it down on the cool part of the stovetop.

Steaming the artichokes and spinach just gave the egg roll so much more flavor! And the sun dried tomatoes… oh my goodness. They were perfect! I then added the mix together with rice and put it in the egg roll. I then added some cheese, rolled, and baked 5 min each side.
It was a 2 gram sugar meal that was super yummy!!

Last night I used the wok to cook grass fed pork- which didn’t stick to the bottom of the wok and cooked really well. I then added tomato sauce and garlic and let simmer on low heat for 2 hours. I also steamed the sun dried tomatoes and artichokes again because they were so yummy the night before. I recooked the sauce tonight and it was perfection.

The Man Pans wok cleans so easily. I was shocked at how well the tomato sauce and soy sauce came off without a lot of scrubbing. And no staining! I used a natural brush with Seventh Generation dish soap. I was really happy with the clean up!

Another cool thing about Man Pans is that they have a life time warranty! “My family’s good name stands behind the quality of every one of our products and I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. I will repair or replace any piece of ManPans cookware that is found to be defective in materials or workmanship for as long as you own it.”*

It truly doesn’t get any better than that! Sooooo, how would one of you like to try a 10″ Man Pans Wok/Steamer???

The Giveaway: One LUCKY reader will win a 10″ Man Pans Wok/Steamer valued at $136.97!!!

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disclaimer- I was sent Man Pans products for free for review. This is no way changed my opinion on their products. These are only my results, opinions and thoughts.


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