Sugar Challenge Day 1 (Read Intro post first)

Make sure you read the Intro post first so you know what’s going on. 🙂

Day 1- May 1, 2011 (I’m writing a day behind and copying my journal notes)

I am a active mom to a 4 year old, but I work from home. So at least 4-6 hours a day- 6, sometimes 7 days a week are spent sitting on my couch on the computer. I try and do yoga once a week and I do a lot of power walking when we are “shopping.” We don’t actually buy things, but we browse to check out what’s on the market. So, for research purposes, I will not change my activity levels in the next 100 days that can alter the results.

Yesterday’s weigh in was at 175 pounds. OK, gulp, really hard to type and admit that number. But, to test this theory, it needs to be out there. I have been a weight shifter my whole life. Weighing 110 for 6 years in my adult life, then gradually increasing and decreasing. I was down to my ideal weight last April, but I sprained my ankle and since then, the pounds have packed back on. Though, I eat all organic, mostly non-processed foods that are healthy. I am really interested to see what the lack of sugar will do to my body, mind, and waistline.

My Day 1 revelation was that it would be nearly impossible to not eat any sugar products (besides fruits and veggies). I changed my goal to limiting myself to 15 grams of FRUCTOSE a day as long as it’s paired with fiber. ( I will explain this in an upcoming blog) This will also mean a higher intake of fiber. I will also have to learn recipes for ketchup and other sauces to modify.

I had also planned on using agave, honey, and brown rice syrup as my sweeteners, but found out they have the fructose molecule in their makeup. So, I need a new backup plan for sweeteners.

I also need to learn how much fructose is in veggies and other foods we eat regularly.

I would love to hear any suggestions for the experiment, any recipes, or ideas!! This is going to be a long 3 months! But I’m anxious to see the results.


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