EPA Pick 5 for Earth Day

Did you make your Earth Day 2011 pledge yet? If you have, I have another fun resource for Earth Day actions- the EPA’s Pick 5 campaign. The EPA has created a list of environmental actions under the categories- water, air, land, energy, waste, and advocacy. You go through each category and choose actions that you would like to accomplish and then you register your Pick 5 to show up on a map so you can see all of the actions going on around the world!

Don’t stop by just picking your 5! Have your kids join in on the fun. The EPA has a place for your kiddos to submit their artwork of their Pick 5 and it is published on the site plus their Facebook page! This is a great opportunity to talk to your children about helping keep the planet clean and how they can help. They can also learn more about each action that they plan to take.

The EPA has an excellent Kids page so they can play games and learn more about environment. It’s never too early to start teaching how to be eco-friendly so it becomes second nature for them. Ella is 4 and is in charge of keeping all lights off in the house in rooms we aren’t in, turning off the tv when we leave a room, taking items to the recycling bin, picking up litter from the street, and this is from her mouth when I asked what she does to help the environment- “shopping at Franklin Goose so we don’t buy junk.”

If you make a pledge with the EPA’s Pick 5, copy and post below! I would love to see your actions. :)


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