PlanToys Earth Day

PlanToys is one of my favorite toy companies and we have quite an obsession. E has the train set, eco trains, Helicopters and Planes, Terrace Dollhouse with tons of accessories, Eco Home, Blocks, Vegetable Gardens, Stable, Clock, Abacus, the Kitchen Set, Cutting Fruit, Beverage Set, Tea Set, Breakfast Menu, Drum, Tie Up Shoe, and I probably could go on. There is a reason behind the madness… PlanToys is a top quality toy manufacturer that truly believes in sustainable toy making!

Not only do they use non-toxic materials, they practice the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Their factory is set up to reduce waste and save energy by using solar power and biomass technologies. They reuse materials- even down to their rubber trees. And they have even introduced new ways to recycle paper and other materials.

If you aren’t familiar with PlanToys, all of their products are made with organic rubberwood from rubber trees that are no longer producing latex. They also use:

  • non-toxic glue that is formaldehyde free
  • water-based dyes
  • soy ink is used for all printed materials
  • recycled and recyclable material
This month PlanToys is celebrating their 30th anniversary!!! In honor of Earth Day and their birthday, Franklin Goose has decorated all of their window’s with PlanToys displays.

Franklin Goose will also be having kids come to the store for a PlanToys arts and craft day on the 21st. If there are leftovers, kids can do the kits on Earth Day at the Richmond, VA store as well. The PlanToys Earth Day kit includes coloring sheets, a PlanToys ruler, pencil, and pencil pouch!

PlanToys has lots to celebrate about! They just released a large line of new toys. They got in so many cool new things, I don’t know where to begin! I am in love with them all! PlanToys knows my slight PT obsession, so they sent me some new items to try out. šŸ™‚

We got to try the Memo N Matching Seasons Game and we love it!

You get 4 playing cards that have 4 picture squares printed on them relating to the season. You are given 16 wooden game pieces that match the pictures on the cards. You can turn the pieces upside down and flip them over to match your season. Up to 4 players can play and whoever fills out their card first, wins! It’s a great preschool game or quick game for older kids. It is perfect for explaining the season change to younger kids!

We also got to try the Cash Register and BBQ Grill.

The Cash Register comes with 10 wooden “coins” that fit into the working pop out drawer. There is also a abacus at the top of the cash register to help count the coins. The silver button pops open the drawer to add or take out coins. Once the drawer opens a bell sound is made. This is a great little toy to have around when playing market. Ella loves to “charge me” for our tea parties now.

The BBQ Grill is an adorable accessory to the kitchen set. I love the wooden coals that go under the grill! The set comes with block shaped food that attaches to the 2 wooden BBQ sticks, 3 coals, and a tong for coal insertion. It is small, so it’s very easy to store when not in use. We put it on top of the PlanToys stove when in use and store on the mircowave.

I can’t wait to try out some of their other new items like the Balancing Scale, Caterpillar Telescope, Mountain Tunnel, and Build a Robot! What are some of your favorite new PlanToys?

Thanks to PlanToys for sending us the review products! They are awesome. šŸ™‚ Remember- these are only my opinions and thoughts.


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