GladRags- Best Reusable Cloth EVER!

OK, so I want to get my posts about my miscarriage over by the new year so I can move forward. 2011 IS going to be a better more positive year. But this is something any woman that still has a menstrual cycle can relate to. After working at Franklin Goose and learning so much about the benefits of cloth diapering, I felt like I should at least contribute to cutting back disposable waste and look into reusable pads.

I found some cloth that I was happy with. It was cute, thin, and wasn’t a pain to deal with. Then a customer brought it to my attention that PUL was used in the pad. Yeah, I missed that in the fine print. There are lots of debates about PUL and Pro Care. Frankly, I just don’t trust either. I’d rather use extra padding than deal with a chemical on my organic pad. So I did more research on different reusable cloth pads.

I then came across GladRags. I thought they were super cool! No PUL or Pro Care. You can choose organic or regular cotton. And the designs were really neat. We were in talks about me doing a review and then I found out I was pregnant. 2 days later the pads arrived in the mail. I stored them knowing I would need them later. When I went to my 3rd ultrasound appointment and they couldn’t find the fetus, I knew it was time to get the GladRags prepped and ready for use.

They sent me their organic Pantyliner, organic Day Pad, and organic Night Pad. Now when I looked at the Night Pad I first thought to myself, “what in the heck am I supposed to do with this thing? It’s huge!” It doesn’t look big in the pictures, but it almost fits your whole underwear from front to back. The Night Pad and Day Pad come with 2 extra liners for protection. The Pantyliner is just a single liner. They all snap on the outside of your underwear and don’t move around.

So, when my bleeding began, I totally understood the Night Pad and it became my best friend. There were no leaks and it was the perfect size for what I was going through. This was exactly what I needed- no worrying about leaks or constantly changing my pad like I would have to if it was a disposable. I highly recommend the Night Pad for postpartum bleeding as well as for heavy bleeders. It isn’t uncomfortable and I barely knew I was wearing it. The Day Pad and Pantyliner were both super absorbent and comfortable. But I suggest all 3 if you are going to try them out. They are less bulky than regular pads and you don’t feel crunchy when walking. It’s like wearing underwear but knowing you aren’t going to leak.

The pads are very easy to wash. I recommend either buying their soaking container or using a large pot with a top to soak the pads in soap before washing with other clothing. GladRags recommends using Bi-o-Kleen cleaner, but Rockin Green has worked great for me. GladRags carries numerous products to help you through your cycle- including cycle beads, bath salts, carrying bags, books, kits, new mom kits (with Earth Mama products!), Earth Mama Angel Baby, nursing pads, cramp relief, and lots more. Best of all, they are made in the USA.

Be sure to sign up for the GladRags newsletter to get 15% off your first order!


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