dandelion has just released their new Toddler Doll and she is adorable! If you aren’t familiar with dandelion, you should check them out. They are a innovative baby company that uses organic and corn fiber fabrics. You can find dolls, stuffed animals, totes, teethers, books, tableware and more!

Last year my daughter got the dandelion My First Doll. This is seriously a baby’s first doll! It’s perfect for babies, but your preschooler might not pay it the attention it deserves. I loved the feel of the doll and the price was perfect. But my daughter, who was 3 at the time, took no interest. It could very well be a baby doll for your child’s baby doll.

I was so excited when I heard dandelion was releasing a Toddler Doll! And I’m hoping next year they will release a Preschool Doll that is slightly larger for my growing kiddo.
The Toddler Doll is 11 inches from top to bottom. She has a sweet face and is very soft and cuddly. I love the Mary Jane shoes! Her body is made with certified organic fibers and her body is stuffed with PLA- corn fiber filling. The PLA allows her to be machine washed and dried easily. Cotton can get lumpy after being washed and can harbor mold very easily. The corn fiber is mold resistant just like a polyfill. The doll isn’t over stuffed, so she can bend her legs and sit up easily. You can get her as a blond or brunette.
I was able to learn about the corn fiber processing and thought it was interesting enough to share. Below is a picture used to describe the process to get the polymer to make the dandelion tableware. The corn fiber filling is almost identical.
dandelion purchases the corn sugar (dextrose) to make PLA- corn fiber. During the manufacture of PLA, the multiple-stage processing and high heat used to create the polymer removes all traces of genetic material. No petroleum is used and all traces of chemicals that might have absorbed into the corn have been eliminated. The corn is a GMO mix. Since PLA is new and not in demand (and very expensive) dandelion has to use the only supplier available which doesn’t offer organic corn. Luckily, the finished corn fiber is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Which is the highest certification test for harmful chemicals.

You can get the Toddler Doll for only $24.99!!


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