Attachment Parenting- boba carrier

October is Attachment Parenting Month and I want to celebrate baby wearing. 🙂 I have always followed my instinct when it comes to parenting. It just so happens the first years of Ella’s life resembled Attachment Parenting more than any other method.

When Ella was born I stayed up for over 48 hours just watching her. The nurses came in and begged to take her so I could get some sleep and I refused. I just couldn’t stop watching her and wanted to bond. When we got home she was always sleeping on me or next to me. I would wear her in her wrap around the house as I got things done and we had an instant bond. I’ve heard tons of moms say it took months to bond with their babies and I’ve always suggested baby wearing.

I started taking Ella out of the house when she was a week old because I felt comfortable knowing she was protected in her wrap. No one could cough or sneeze on her and she was held warmly against my body. I was also able to breast feed in public more discreetly. I carried her in a wrap until she hit the weight limit at 35 pounds. Then I was super bummed I could no longer wear her around. I hated putting her in a stroller. So I ditched it when she was 2 and made her walk or I would carry her- which was hard on my back.

I was beyond thrilled when I found out the Kozy Carrier/wrap held unlimited weight. So I got one early this year. The carrier was great for 30 minutes, but then it started to cut into my shoulders and I had to put Ella down. The carrier is canvas and Ella is also 42 pounds, so it’s not a bad carrier. My child is just big. 🙂
Then I found the makers of Sleepy Wrap made a new carrier for older children called the boba. The boba carrier can hold a child 15-45 pounds. One size fits most adults. The classic collection is made with 100% natural brushed cotton and the Organic is 100% organic cotton. The shoulder straps have extra foam. They come with removable foot straps for the younger child. Also, it has a removable hood.

I just got the new classic boba and I love it! We were supposed to go to the Franklin Goose store opening and I was going to tote Ella around in it all day, but her granddad and dad were playing their last music fest and we couldn’t miss that. So I brought my boba to make sure I could take pictures of them playing while keeping up with the little one. The boba was perfect for running around and dancing. It didn’t put extra pressure on my back and didn’t cut into my shoulders. It was easy to get Ella on my back by myself and easy to get her down.
I got the classic carrier which is non-organic and I can’t tell the difference. There are no chemical smells on the fabric and is was super soft. I love the Twilight color and design. I am highly satisfied in the carrier!

You can find the organic boba’s at Franklin Goose or the classic boba on their website!



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