Get Some Budget Gadgets

I’ve heard about solar chargers but have never looked into them because I figured they would be expensive. That is until I was introduced to Budget Gadgets. They are a huge gadget store run from Shenzhen, China with the lowest prices available. Plus free shipping! It took about 2 weeks for me to get the product, but it was worth the wait. Especially since it was free shipping.

Budget Gadgets has 55 solar powered toys, chargers, flash lights, calculators, watches, lights and more! Their prices range from $1-$41. I was able to review their 7 in 1 Solar Power Charger for Cellphone/Digital Camera/PDA/MP3/iPod.
The Solar Charger description:

  • Four phone connector Compliant with Four brandname cellphones ((standard configuration:Nokia, N70, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, model 3511 to Female Socket Connector & mini USB5pin 6 adaptors))
  • Could also recharge Digital Camera, PDA, MP3, MP4 (The battery capacity under 1200mAH)
  • Solar Power Converts efficiency is more that 15%
  • The built-in high capacity rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery: 1600mah
  • Charging time: Around 60 minutes(Depends on the different kinds of cellphones)
  • The time needed to charge the built-in battery of solar charger is 10-15 hours with solar energy or about 5 hours via PC or AC adapter

The Solar Charger didn’t fit my phone, but Budget Gadgets is looking into finding one that will work with my cell. I was able to try the charger on my mom’s camera and my Ipod. It worked really well. It’s been cloudy and raining since I got the Solar Charger, but I did have 1 day to play with it in the sun. You can get the Solar Charger for only $18.24!! And if you order more than 1 you get a 10-19% discount!

You can get 5% off at the entire Budget Gadgets site by entering MM5OFF21 at the checkout.


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