Sneak Peek Into PlanToys New 2010 Line!

PlanToys has done it again! This April they will be releasing 28 new fabulous eco-friendly wooden toys! Last year PlanToys received 29 awards for their simplicity in design with innovative use in materials. From their dollhouses, airports, trucks, kitchens, roadways and more, you are sure to find the highest quality non-toxic toy for your child.

PlanToys has created a PlanBaby toy line that includes: rattles, a mobile, rollers and more. PlanBaby was designed to improve a toddler’s visual ability, hand-eye coordination, and fine/gross motor skills. Plus, they are totally safe to go in a baby’s mouth!

PlanToys has also updated one of their developmental toy lines, PlanPreschool, with new musical instruments, games, imaginative play, and educational toys. I can’t wait until they are released so Ella can get some new games! Luckily PlanToys knows how much we love them and we were sent the new Trimino Bugs to review. These are genius for logical thinkers! This puzzle/game is recommended for ages 3+ and is loads of fun. Even our puppy wanted to play!With the set you get 5 organic rubberwood pieces and 9 organic rubberwood Trimino Bugs. A non-toxic glue called E-Zero is used on the bugs that contains no formaldehyde. Also, only soy and water based dyes have been used so that they biodegrade and no lead or other heavy metals are present.

To play the game, you lay the 5 wooden pieces down in a pattern and then you place the Trimino Bugs on top so that they all match. You can form a triangle, a straight line, or make up your own creative patterns with the plain wooden pieces. This is much trickier than it looks! It seems like it’s simple until you get to the end and the last piece doesn’t match.
Ella likes for me to create the pattern and she then matches the Bugs. The triangle is the advanced pattern, but my 3 year old was able to figure it out. The first time she did it, she had 1 that didn’t match. So she had to start over. She loves matching and logical thinking, so this educational toy has been able to keep her stimulated for long periods of time. The game can be played alone or together.

Be on the lookout in April for PlanToys full 2010 release! Until then, check out their Facebook page and see all of the new toys! Make sure you become a fan so you can hear the latest news. Get 5 extra entries to any giveaways going on when you become a fan. Just leave a comment here saying that you did and then write PT in the comment box in the giveaway.


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