Earth Day Event

April 22 marks the 40th anniversary for Earth Day! It’s hard to believe that 40 years ago the environmental movement began and we are this far behind. I can’t believe people still actually argue over global warming! What bothers me the most is that people can ignore the health risks of the known toxins in every day products. And even more that the government still turns their heads about these chemicals! Feuds have begun in our family over this matter and I believe in it so strongly, I can not back down. I’m tired of people not doing anything because they are too lazy to make a few small changes. I do applaud the effort that has been put forth in recycling. Even the most un-eco-friendly people at least throw a few cans away. But to make a difference, so much more needs to be done! If not for the planet, for the health of you and your family!

I am happy that this week I was able to find 4 organic stuffed animals in the Easter isle at our Harris Teeter (grocery store) and Walmart now has a line of organic clothing. I’m not sure it’s Fair Trade and can’t promise a child didn’t help make it, but it’s a start. If more large corporations start marketing organic clothing and eco-friendly products, maybe more people will realize these products are better.

To make life easier for you, I have compiled tons of Eco Info from articles I have written in the past 8 months. You can access this info by clicking the Eco Info button. You will find information about organic cotton, bamboo, bedding, food, toys, plastic, flame retardants, radiation, make up, personal products, and more! You can also post my Earth Day button to help bring awareness to your friends and family on your blog, facebook or myspace account.Mkokopelli
MkokopelliTogether we can make a difference! Hopefully 40 years from now we can look back and see drastic changes in the planet and man kind.

Be sure to look out for my Earth Day giveaways going on! I will focus not only on why these products are better for you but the planet as well!


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