Sarah’s Silks

As you’ve heard before Ella is a diva. Yesterday she wore 7 different dresses. Yes, it’s another Carrie Bradshaw in the making. She has been obsessed with Disney Princesses for so long and I’ve been trying to ween her off of them for a while. But it’s really hard to find costumes that are made well, non-toxic, comfortable and safe. Most costumes are treated with flame retardants, which I’m highly against. If you’d like to read more, check out my Eco Info section at the top of my blog. You can find all sorts of great info there.

So I went on a search trying to find the best alternative that would allow Ella to still have imaginative play time, without it being commercialized. This was a hard task, but I love the option I found- Sarah’s Silks!

Sarah’s Silks is an amazing company that sells silk dress up clothes for boys and girls, playsilks, canopies, dreamthings and playthings, blankets and more. Silk is a natural protein fiber and a renewable resource. It feels amazing against your skin unlike the polyester dress-up clothes you find in most stores. There is something about silk that sparks the imagination. You can take a silk scarf and turn it into a hat, cape, skirt or even a flag. And that’s pretty much what Sarah’s Silks has done, but they have taken it to the next level.

All of Sarah’s Silks are hand hemmed in a small village near Shanghai which the store owners visit. Seamstresses usually work from their homes in their doorways so they can watch their children play. This beats being in a factory any day! Many of Sarah’s Silk products are also sewn, ironed, and assembled in Sonoma County, CA. All of the dyes used on the silks are non-toxic and are easily hand washed.

Ella was sent 2 dress-up outfits for us to review and I am totally amazed and will be sending lots of business their way for future Ella holidays. The first one Ella put on had to be the Princess dress. Her friend came over and they were playing princess and the dragon. I wish her friend had the Dragon Costume! They ran around the “princess castle” and I had to be the super hero to save the princess. I love how creative they were! The Princess Dress has long flowing arms looks amazing when she is running. I can’t wait to let her put it on at the beach. Sarah’s Silks also makes a princess hat and crowns which I need to purchase soon. You can find the Dragon Costume at Atlantis Natural and the Princess Dress at other online retailers.

Today Ella wore the Mermaid costume. She was a bit frustrated it wasn’t like her old Disney one where the fin is on both sides which caused some drama. But, she will learn to get over it. The outfit is absolutely adorable! Plus, the fin being in the back will allow her to run better if she’s playing outside in the outfit. I can see her tripping on it in the front… like the other Ariel dress. I love the separate halter top and bottom. It also comes with a headband with seaweed and ribbons. Which is the perfect touch! Sarah’s Silks also makes Sea Pets to go along with the outfit. This will also be perfect on the beach. We are going back for my birthday in 2 weeks, so I will be sure to take pictures. You can get the Mermaid Costume on sale at Atlantis Natural now!

You also still have time to order wands, garlands, playsilks, streamers and more for Easter!

Join Sarah’s Silks on Facebook or Twitter and get 5 entries to any giveaway going on. 5 is the limit though and you can divvy them up between giveaways. Just leave a comment here saying which site you joined and leave SS in the comment box of the giveaway(s) you enter.


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