Surprise vacation

Sorry I’ve disappeared again! I’m trying not to make a habit out of this. But for some reason we’ve traveled more over the past couple of months than we have in the past 3 years. We were invited to go with some friends to the beach again, so I couldn’t say no! Granted, it was in the low 60’s, so no swimming or sun bathing. But, we did have a blast playing in the sand and chasing birds. I have 400+ emails to get through tonight and I promise I will be back tomorrow with some great giveaways and reviews! I was so excited when I came home to 7 packages!!! I hope everyone has had a great week. Here are some pics from our trip:


5 thoughts on “Surprise vacation

  1. I love vacations!! If you get a chance, go! Haha, at least that's what I say. The here and now is most important, specially spending time with family and friends


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