Trillium OGbaby Review

When Ella kept catching a cold this season, I decided to do some research on products that could help get her through the bad part of the sickness. Ella is usually a trooper and keeps on playing, even if she’s miserable. But, when her fever is high, she looks pitiful and it breaks my heart. For over 2 years I was scared to death for her to get sick because I hadn’t had to face it before. But now that I’ve learned the best products to use and how to keep her (and myself) comfortable, the next time will be so much easier!

You might remember my review of the Trillium Organics Perfume earlier this month. Trillium Organics also carries organic and non-toxic skin care ranging from oils, lotions, scents, and soaps.They also have the OGmama line, which includes belly butter, belly polish, moisture oil, and gentle soap.

Trillium also has 2 baby lines, OGbaby-RFF and OGbaby-BFTT. The OGbaby-RFF contains moisture oil, barrier balm, gentle soap, and a sampler. The OGbaby-BFTT is a gentle soap, respiratory rub, and a sampler. I was sent the sampler to review and I’m so glad I had it around when Ella caught the crud!

The OG-BFTT gentle soap is for children with a cold or the flu. It is an aromatic soap that you rub on your little one (or yourself) or pour a tiny bit into a bath to inhale the aromatherapy vapors. This worked really well for Ella before she went to bed every night. I usually give her baths during the day, but wanted to use this so she could breathe at night. It’s no fun when you feel bad and can’t sleep, so I did everything that I could to help her. And this seemed to do the trick!

The OG-BFTT respiratory rub was awesome to use right after the aromatherapy bath. Well, and any other time of the day she was hacking. The rub contains organic eucalyptus which helps promote the flow of mucus. The tea tree oil used is a natural antibacterial antiviral inhalant to help treat ear, nose, and throat infections. I applied the rub on Ella’s chest, feet, and back every night. It truly helped her sleep through the night and I know it also played a part in her virus not going into an infection.

Both products will help your child cope through a cold, flu, or allergies. Trillium Organics carries a sampler of both items for only $9.98! That way you can try both products and see how they work with your child. These can be used on infants-youth. We received the sampler, so I didn’t really use much on myself. I tried it one night just to test it out and was pretty impressed.

All of the Trillium OGbaby products are free of allergens, parabens, phthalates, petroleums, nano-particles, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, and have no sodium laurel sulfates. The company is woman owned and operated by a mother who wants to make things better by creating greener and cleaner products!

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*This is only my opinions, thoughts, and results. I was sent these items to review for free from Trillium Organics, but that in NO way changes how I feel about their products.


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