Dapple Review

I think I’m about to turn into a neurotic mom. My child had only 2 colds before this year. Now it seems like we stay sick. It doesn’t help that she still puts her fingers in her mouth constantly and when she’s not paying attention, a toy might make its way in too. I do carry hand sanitizer for when she touches something that I’ve seen a hacking child touch. I don’t want to be overbearing, but I also don’t want to spend the whole winter blowing our noses and feeling like death.

I was sent some products to review for Ella’s birthday bash from Dapple but they arrived after the party. Luckily, they have really come in handy with the crud in our house! Dapple sent us a bottle of their Toy Cleaner Spray, a Travel sized Dish Liquid, and Travel sized Toy Wipes. One product from each of their lines.

When I first got the Travel size Dish Liquid, I was thinking what am I going to do with this? I could use it at home… but that would defeat the travel size purpose. Then we traveled to Ella’s dad’s house and after seeing that his dish soap contained Triclosan, I freaked out and didn’t want to wash her cups. That’s when it hit me that this would be perfect to keep in her overnight lunch box for these just in case needs! The Dish Liquid cleans dishes squeaky clean with no streaks, residue, or funky after tastes. I hate when you can still taste a dish liquid after you hand washed it!

The Travel sized Toy Wipes are great to keep in your purse or bag and take with you on the go. I used them yesterday when we were at the doctors office on their toy trains. Hey- you don’t know what the last sick kid had who was playing with it! Or if you are at a friend’s house and your baby puts their toy in her mouth, this would be a good time to clean it so germs aren’t being passed. The wipes are 100% biodegradable, so you aren’t adding waste to landfills!

But my favorite has to be the Toy Cleaner Spray. This nice big bottle will stay in my living room and clean everything once Ella and I are better. This will not only keep us from re-exposing ourselves, but to not pass it along to our friends. Especially since Ella still puts things in her mouth all of the time! The spray is not anti-bacterial. It’s like using soap and water- without the hassle of having to take every toy to the kitchen sink and wash. I am a firm believer in using natural anti-bacterial sprays and soaps, but you need a balance so your child can become immune to germs. I like this way of cleaning toys instead of with anti-bacterial wipes- or even scarier- bleach. Ugh…

The great thing about Dapple is that all of their products are natural-based ingredients that are environmentally safe, biodegradable, and free of parabens, SLES, phthalates, dioxane, synthetic dyes and fragrances. I know you guys wouldn’t think I’d spray Ella’s toys with something toxic!

You can find Dapple at your local Toys R Us, Babies R Us, BuyBuy Baby, Bed Bath & Beyond, HEB, Diapers.com, Right Start, or Giggle stores or purchase by the case online through their website. Dapple also has a store locator just to be sure!

Want to earn 4 extra entries to any giveaways I have going on? Sign up for the Dapple newsletter, join them on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment here. Then leave “dapple” in the comment box that you enter.

New disclaimer: I was sent these items to review from Dapple. This in NO way changes my opinions about the products or company. These are my thoughts, opinions and results.


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