Green Planet Parties

The one thing I hate about going to parties is getting loot bags. Maybe that sounds rude, but most of the stuff ends up in the trash. Who ever thought of loot bags anyways??? Ella doesn’t get candy or plastic toys, so I hate having to take them away and trash them. I was one of those moms last year, though bubbles and mini coloring books weren’t that bad. But this year I wanted to do something different and make sure it was something that could be used. I came across Green Planet Parties and fell in love with their pre-made loot bags!

Green Planet Parties carries pre-made goodie bags, party favors, craft fun, gift wrap and items, special gifts, tableware, and party decor that is all Eco-friendly! Green Planet Parties was started by 2 BC Canadian moms who have 6 children between them! So they know how to throw parties. They decided they wanted to reduce the amount of plastic, waste and excess used at parties and came up with the idea of Eco-friendly supplies. They do ship internationally, so have fun browsing around!

Green Planet Parties carries a great variety of pre-made loot bags that are awesome! Especially if you are like me with little time to plan a party. They have 13 loot themes and 6 different bag designs to choose from ranging from $8.50-$12.50. These are the 3 designs we were sent. We went with the Organic Playdough Combo and I had full intentions of having the kids rolling out the dough and making cookie shapes. But, the party flew by and the kids were having so much fun decorating the cupcakes, cookies, and sundaes we never got to it. The loot bag came with a O’bon pencil, a organic sucker and a large container of organic playdough. I LOVE the bags themselves! They are great to keep for your children to carry around as a purse or to keep special toys in. It also would be great for on the go snacks. So the next time you are planning a party with loot bags, be sure to check out Green Planet Parties for an Eco-friendly alternative!

Want to get extra entries to any of my giveaways going on? Check out Green Planet Parties and comment back here with something that you like. You can also join their Facebook page for another extra entry. Just post “GPP” in the comment box for the 4 giveaways you’d like to enter!


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