Forest City Photo Albums

So now that the holidays are over, I’m sure you’re like me with millions of photos waiting to be uploaded and printed. As a photographer, I have over 3,500 pictures of Ella that are just in albums. I’ve been slack since June and have piles waiting to go into books. The great thing about the digital world is saving them on the computer, but there is nothing better than holding your own print. I also used to be a avid scrapbook artist, until I started writing Mkokopelli. I wonder why…. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, my heart belongs to writing. But I now have 2 years worth of scrapping to catch up on.

I was organizing my scrap table a couple of weeks ago and got the idea to look up Eco-friendly photo albums. I found Forest City Photo Albums and the Kokopelli album stole my heart. Yes, Kokopelli is how I got my screen name and it’s not my last name! I get that a lot!Each Forest City Photo Album is handcrafted using dried tropical leaves such as lilies, recycled rice-bamboo paper, hibiscus, seashells, rope, twigs, coconut buttons, bamboo, kava, and lamtoro seed pods. All of the tropical materials used for the albums come from Bali and are created with non-endangered plants and plant parts. The albums come in small, medium and large which range from holding 20-80 pictures. Because the pages are so thick from the plant material, you wouldn’t want more than 80 photographs. The book is built to last but adding too much bulk could damage the plants and binding. These are great albums for special occasions like trips to the beach, night out with friends, holidays and vacations!

Forest City Photo Albums sent me the Diamond album to review and it’s awesome.I love the unique designs of the leaves! This has been a great coffee table conversation starter and since it matches my personality, I kept it for me. 🙂 The small album has 20 pages designed for 20 4×6 prints. You can use rope slots to hold the 4×6 prints or you can glue a 5×7 picture to the paper.

As I was cleaning out my storage room last weekend, I came across an album that is similar to the Forest City Photo Albums. It is made out of leaves, sand, twigs and rope, but it has Panama City sewn into the cover. Since I was crafty 2 years ago, I turned the album into a nifty scrapbook for Ella’s first (and only) vacation! I thought I’d share a few pages. The first page, if you look behind the tickets, you can see what a blank page looks like…

If you don’t have all of the embellishments, just adding fun stickers, ribbons, note tags, or even leaving it blank works! The book is truly beautiful and much different than the ugly fabric acid pages books.

You can purchase these earth friendly albums from Forest City Photo Albums for $16-$30 depending upon the sizes. Forest City Photo Albums tried to work out a coupon deal, and came up with a 50% off shipping! All you do is enter mkoko in the coupon code at the check out!

If you go to Forest City Photo Albums and leave a comment here with your favorite album, you can get 4 extra entries to ANY giveaway going on in January!!

New disclaimer: I was sent this items to review from Forest City Photo Albums. This is NO way changes my opinions about the products or company. These are my thoughts, opinions and results.


3 thoughts on “Forest City Photo Albums

  1. LOVE the Kokopelli black designed book. Reminds me of our trip (this time last year) to Arizona, hiking in the mountains.

    What a great find!

    jen dot s dot chandler at gmail dot com


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