A Million Thanks!

This past week has flown by! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! We had a very mellow low key holiday. We did miss seeing family, long story, but things happen. Ella was overjoyed by all of her presents and I want to take the time to thank everyone who helped make Ella’s Christmas so special. If you haven’t been following me long, my old roommates told me last month they were moving out of my townhouse last minute. I’m a single stay at home mom, so money is extremely tight. And now with 2 mortgages to worry about… lets just say Christmas shopping wasn’t an option this year. But, I had some amazing Santa’s look over my precious Ella and I can’t thank them enough.

The Acorn Store was extremely generous and after reading about my townhouse issues they sent Ella a Plan Toys Stable, a Helicopter and Plane to go with her airport. Ella had told Santa she wanted a horse that matches the dirt and The Acorn Store had no clue about this when they sent the Stable. They truly are Santa!! Ella’s aunt bought her the Plan Toy Modern Family, so she has loved putting her “Ella ” on the baby horse.The Stable comes with 2 horses, so the momma got to ride a horse too! The Helicopter and Plane are awesome and I love how the little people that come with them can stand or sit. Their bodies twist into position instead of bending so little fingers can’t get pinched. How genious is that!! The Plane that The Acorn Store sent actually fits on the airport, unlike the plane that comes with the set. Ella has loved making the plane go up and down the ramp. These have been big hits!!

I happened to be lucky enough to win a older version of the Terrace Dollhouse from Plan Toys on a Facebook contest two weeks ago and the Stable looks awesome next to the house! I love that the door and windows on the dollhouse can be moved around the house. You can put the windows on the roof or on the side. It is a 2 level house with an attic. The quality is outstanding! I’ve never seen such a well built and designed dollhouse in my life. And knowing it’s Eco-friendly with no toxic glues or wood makes it a million times better. My aunt and grandmother bought her furniture for the house, but unfortunately they are sick, so Ella hasn’t received them yet. But that has left room for the horses to come into the house!(Ella got the coat from her aunt and decided she had to wear it while playing)

We made a Christmas wishlist at Franklin Goose and happened to win an item during their giveaway week. Ella was sent the Plan Toys drum which is really cool! It’s very sturdy and makes a low drum sound. I was worried that it would be loud, but it’s the perfect level. You can hit different parts of the drum for different sounds. This would be perfect for any age child!

We also won a grocery cart from Land of Nod thanks to Project Nursery! I saved all of the brown bags that the Plan Toys are packed with and filled them up with her cooking toys. She felt like she was going grocery shopping and has loved filling the bags and pushing the cart around the living room. I can’t wait until Ella gets her kitchen for her birthday so she can put her items up. Have I mentioned I love having a little girl!! 😉

We also won a Wild Dill Gift Card from Retro Housewife Goes Green and Ella got the Kallisto organic horse with that. And Imagine Childhood had an amazing contest to win $75 in instruments which I won and Ella got some really awesome stuff!
I am so thankful for being able to win some amazing giveaways and to know such amazing people that made Ella’s Christmas so special. She got so many Plan Toys it’s unreal. They truly are one of my favorite companies and I’ve loved being able to see more of their stuff. I feel truly blessed and seriously can’t thank everyone enough!

Here is a little Christmas morning video I wanted to leave you with… it’s too sweet!



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