Congrats to Joyful Girl Naturals for winning the NikkiDesigns giveaway!!

Congrats to Laureen for winning the Go Green Items Wallet!!

Congrats to Sweeter the berry for winning the Sleepy Bear from Sleepy Wrap!!

Congrats to mafiaprincess for winning the Atlantis Natural GC!!

Congrats to Jen for winning the Ecorations GC!!

Congrats to mframe for winning the Pedoodles giveaway!!

Congrats to Adam’s Blankie for winning the Late July giveaway!!

Congrats to whitechocolatecherries for winning the Celery Street Overnight Bag!!

Congrats to joahsgrandma for winning the Barefoot Books giveaway!!

Congrats to vgi for winning the Maukilo GC!!

Thanks to all that entered!! Here are the giveaways ending this week:


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