The Acorn Store

If you haven’t finished shopping for little ones, you must go check out this site- The Acorn Store!! They are a family run and operated Eco-friendly toy store and carry just about every Plan Toy you can imagine- with lower prices!

As you all know, I LOVE Plan Toys! They only use replenishable rubberwood, which is preservative free and naturally processed. The wood is not chemically treated in any way. Plan Toys only uses water-based colors and non-toxic glues. Plan Toys manufactures all of their own toys in Thailand, so they have complete control of the process. Thailand is rich with rubberwood, which Plan Toys has successfully recycled for their toys.

Here are some of my favorite finds from The Acorn Store!
The Acorn Store just opened on the internet, but they have an adorable shop in Santa Monica, CA. Eventually, they will be selling more than just Plan Toys on their site. But Plan Toys is their favorite so they thought they’d start there. Here is a quick video about the store:

Isn’t it magical? I so wish we had one in Charlotte!! The Acorn Store in CA carries thousands of Eco-friendly toys and was picked 3 times as the best toy store in LA. If you live in the area, catch them on Fox tomorrow! If you don’t live in the area, you can still shop on their internet site- The Acorn Store and stock up on some awesome Plan Toys!!


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