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This is from The Soft Landing’s Blog -written by Alicia :

The Environmental Working Group just released the results of a 2 year study where the umbilical cord blood of 10 random infants was tested for chemical pollutants. BPA was detected for the first time ever – but it wasn’t the only offender – 231 other contaminants were found as well. This research demonstrates that industrial chemicals are able to cross the placenta in large numbers to contaminate a baby before birth. We have more confirmation now than ever before that avoiding industrial chemicals whenever possible is extremely important for both children and pregnant moms.

The tough part is making your way through multitudes of unlabeled products to make safer choices – but don’t worry, we summarized our own experience with toxins in eating gear and toys to help you out! Click the image below to download our new ebook “Avoiding Toxic Plastic” to use as a getting started guide.

What’s Included in the Guide

  • Three common chemicals that have been linked to endocrine-disrupting health damage
  • Clues to identifying them in household products
  • Tips to help you avoid them with ease
  • Resources for more in-depth reading
  • Action steps for demanding change in U.S. chemical policies


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