Help BARBAR get on the Dr. OZ Show! Worth reading!!

BARBAR is trying to educate people on radiation output and blow dryers because a lot of us are unaware that a standard dryer emits MORE radiation than a microwave. BARBAR’s ultimate goal is to grab the attention of Dr. Oz, whose show can really bring to light this basic, relatively unknown fact. If you have a free moment during this holiday season (ha!), please take a moment to view the video:

Then contact Dr. Oz at and ask him about blow dryers and radiation. Tell him about the BARBAR Eco 8000. If you contact Dr. Oz and help get BARBAR on the show, they will mail out free Eco 8000’s to every person that participates, and provide a promo code for an 80% discount off your entire purchase made at They can only promise this if BARBAR gets asked to be on The Dr. Oz Show. So they can only ask that you please do your best to help.

They’ve tested their competitors so called eco-friendly dryers. There is nothing as eco-friendly as the BARBAR Eco 8000 and they’d really appreciate your help in getting the word out there.

If you contact Dr. OZ, please leave a comment here and BARBAR will review it if they get on the show! You can also get 5 extra entries to ANY giveaway going on if you participate and contact Dr. OZ. Just leave “Dr. OZ” in the comment area on the giveaway you enter.


5 thoughts on “Help BARBAR get on the Dr. OZ Show! Worth reading!!

  1. I myself use a blowdryer once in a blue moon but I do have 3 teenage granddaughters who use it often and I was very surprised to hear that a standard dryer emits MORE radiation than a microwave. I did not know that. Thank God we consumers can purchase a product such as the BARBAR Eco 8000 which is not detrimental to our health. Thank you.


  2. I'm sorry, I could not get the email to send with the addy you listed. I did try various ways, just did not work.
    This is important information, btw, exactly what is a good amount of radiation to aim at your brain each day????? I don't worry about it with wash and go hair, I have children and grandchildren that use a blow dryer daily.
    Thanks for the information
    sorry I could not help.
    Marj M.


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