Christmas Tree Adventure

It’s tradition for us to put up a tree the day after Thanksgiving. For the past 6 years we’ve gotten our tree from the same lot that’s really close to us. Every year they have been more than willing to search the stacks of trees they haven’t put out yet to find our perfect tree. Yes, I’m that girl. But I have to have a fat tree. It doesn’t have to be tall, just really fat.

This morning I pulled out all of my lights and plugged them in to see if they worked. All but 1 strand worked, so I thought I’d go out a get a set of LED lights. I went to Target and they had a wall display of what the lights looked like. They did not look blue in the display, but like the regular old lights that I already had. I didn’t want to spend $40-$50 on a whole new set of LED lights and thought I’d just phase out the old lights since they looked the same.

We went to our normal tree lot, which wasn’t busy, looked around and didn’t see anything that was perfect. Yes, my trees have to be perfect. My life doesn’t have to be perfect and nor does any holiday… but my tree.. that’s another story. Well, I asked 1 guy where I could find a fat shorter tree and he pointed to a direction of where there were only skinny short trees. I then found another guy and he looked around but didn’t understand when I said fat, I meant fat. There was 1 tree that was sorta fat and I asked the price.. the manager came over and I told him if it was for $70 I’d buy it. He marked it $78 and didn’t say anything. I asked him to come down and he walked off. So we left. Granted, they had some pretty trees- but not what I was looking for. Then after the horrible service, we began the dreaded Christmas tree hunt.

5 Christmas tree lots later, and in other words 3 hours later, we found the perfect fat tree across town. So we got it home and it didn’t want to stand up straight in our stand. An hour later we finally got it to stand up straight. We then ate dinner and came back to put lights on it. I didn’t test the new LED lights because I saw them in the display. So after we got all of the lights on (and realized we needed 1 more to finish) we turned it on to see this:So, if you are going to buy LED lights this year, make sure you buy more than 1 strand or you’ll get a messed up looking tree. After all of that, I didn’t get to decorate my tree because I would hate to put everything on it to mess it up when I put more light strands on. 3 hours later, the branches have now fallen and the tree is HUGE! I’m not complaining because I love big trees… but man.. what a day.


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