Gift List

Every day I will add a new company with the featured gift plus some extras that you must check out! You can link to this list at the top button that says, “Gift List”

Natural Luxe:
Featured: Eco-Me Natural Dog Kit, Pet Toys, Pet Beds
Other cool finds: Baby Gifts, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, Clothing

Name Your Tune:
Featured: Name Your Tune CD
Other cool finds: Personalized Books, Personalized Wall Art, Personalized Wooden Products

Dirtball Fashion:
Featured: Shirts, Hats, Skate Deck
Other cool finds: Shorts, Moisture Management, Knit Cap

Featured: Airport, PlanCity Accessories
Other cool finds: Doll Family, Green Dollhouse with Furniture, Fun Abacus, Animal Dominoes

Paloma Pottery:
Featured: Adjustable Recycled Glass Necklace, Tea Light Holder
Other cool finds: Ornaments, Coasters, Pottery Bowls, Candleholder Sconce, Mirrors

Sweet Organics and Naturals:
Featured: Grow-A-Note Cards, Sweetpaper Cards, Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper, Curling Ribbon
Other cool finds: Eco Friendly Jewelry, Vintage Kimono Purses, Lokta Paper Journals, Water & Sky Nite Light

Featured: Hemp Macrame Collars
Other cool finds: Pink and Purple Hemp Necklace, Insectile Goddess Hemp Necklace

Piggy Paint:
Featured: Nail Polish Gift Sets
Other cool finds: Nail Polish Remover, Tee Shirts, Onesies

Simply Chickie:
Featured: Sweet Stuff, Ski Bum Tees, I Toot Toot Onesies
Other cool finds: Hats

Best Baby Organics:
Featured: Veggie and Fruit Teethers
Other cool finds: Organic PJ’s, Project Table and Chairs, Planet Wise Wet Bags, 5 Fair Trade Finger Puppets

Featured: PlanToys Breakfast Menu, Keptin Jr. rag doll
Other cool finds:
French Kitchen, Puzzle Stacker, Small Obstacle Course, Scooter

Alex and Ani:
Featured: Crazy Love Bangle
Other cool finds: Create your own Bangles, Luxe Chain Earrings, Gemstone Expandable Ring, Lifetime of Luck Seven

Wear The Earth:
Featured: Organic Shine Kids Dress
Other cool finds: ecoKashmere Fine Bamboo Crew, Chicobag Messenger rePETE, Clean and Soft, Bamboo Sheet set

Curious Chef:
Featured: Holiday Cookie Kit and 6 Piece Cookie Kit
Other cool finds: Pizza Party Kit, Sundae Party Kit, 27 Piece Foundation Set, Measure and Prep Set

Little Green Books:
Featured: “Santa Claus Is Green” and “Don’t Throw That Away” books
Other cool finds: “What Do You See,” “I Can Save the Earth,” “Little Panda,” “Easy to Be Green

Featured: 3 Eye Shadow Shades
Other cool finds: 6 Month Coloricious, Light Mom Essential Kit, 7 Piece Bamboo Brush Set

Clementine Art:
Featured: Soy Rock Crayons, Natural Modeling Dough
Other cool finds: Gift Set, Natural Paint, Soy Crayons, Natural Markers
Featured: Magnetic Kitchen Bottle Set by Melissa and Doug
Other cool finds: My Creative Cookery Club, Andrew Hippo, Balancing Coral, Fantasy Land Jigsaw Puzzle

Little Zen Minds:
Featured: Pandabo Game by HaPe Toys
Other cool finds: Walk and Roll, Activity Clock, Little Yogis Stretch and Play Eco Ball, Pink Organic Little Shape House Sorter, US and Canada GeoPuzzle

Transformational Jewelry:

Featured: Live With Passion Necklace
Other cool finds: Love Ring, Expect Miracles Bracelet, I Have a Millionaire Mind Money Clip

Snug Organics Sleeper:
Featured: Snug Organic Sherpa Sleeper

Nikki Designs:
Featured: Medium Gift Bag
Other cool finds: Satin Clutch Purse, Lavender Eye Pillow, Hemp/Tencel Scarf Valance, Hemp Placemats

Go Green Items:
Featured: Recycled Rubber Wallet
Other cool finds: Bamboo Towel Set, Voltaic Solar Back Pack, Eco Friendly Dog Toy, Sea Glass Necklace

Sleepy Wrap:
Featured: Sleepy Bear Organic
Other cool finds: Sleepy Wrap Organic, Sleepy Wrap Classic

Atlantis Natural:

Featured: Green Toys Tool Set
Other cool finds: Organic Mommy and Baby Frog Bath Mitts, Piggy Paints, Sarah’s Silks, Lunchopolis, Yellow Label Kids Tea Set

Featured: Reusable, Reversible Wine Bag
Other cool finds: Personalized Santa Sack, Apparel Wrap, Fabric Gift Pouch

Featured: Mary Jane Cupcake Shoes
Other cool finds: Little Harley Boots, The Trail Blazer shoe, Brenda Butterfly Shoe, Libby Ladybug Hat

Celery Street:
Featured: Night Bird Overnight Bag
Other cool finds: Tri-corner Candle, Eco-friendly Starfrit Frying Pan, Recycled Glass Vase, Spa Short Lavender Robe for men


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