Eco-friendly Holiday Gift Guide

I know… Christmas stuff is every where and many think it’s too soon. I’ve heard Christmas music on the radio already! Maybe it has to do with the hopes that holiday shopping this year will help with the recession. I know Toys R Us has already come out with their large toy list- which made me cringe at half of the toxic junk in the book. And Target and Walmart have all of their gear already out. And now here I am about to start promoting gifts to get you thinking about shopping. Well, as much as I’d love to wait until after Thanksgiving, I want to make sure the winner’s of the amazing giveaways get their gear before the holidays come upon us. So, take notes of the awesome companies you will find this month and some of them even have wish lists you can fill out and come back to later. I know I’ve taken advantage of this already as I was looking for cool gear to go in the guide. I will be back later in the month, when you are really ready to start shopping to give you more ideas plus guides to go by when buying toys. I think it’s too early to start posting that. 😉

But here is what you will expect each week in November.
Sundays: Pet stuff
Mondays: Stocking Stuffers (for all ages)
Tuesdays: Kids (all ages)
Wednesdays: Kids (all ages)
Thursdays: Adults
Fridays: Clothing
Saturdays: Holiday related items

I hope you enjoy as much as I have putting this together!!


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