Eco Friendly Memory Foam Review

There needs to be more time in a day… I had hoped to have Ella’s room finished by today, but sadly we have a few more things to do. But, it will be done in the next month and I will be back with pictures. 🙂 I still want to tell you about Ella’s fabulous new Eco Friendly Memory Foam mattress!!

Finding Eco friendly bedding has been a pain in my rear. It all started when I found out the crib/toddler mattress we had been using was made of PVC. I didn’t want to buy a new mattress when we would be upgrading to a larger bed in a year, so I went on the hunt for a bed. 3 weeks of searching, I gave up. When I say searching, I mean at least 40 hours were put into it! We decided to use the toddler bed’s headboard and coat it with organic fabric. So then I had to find a mattress. This was another long and hard task. There are organic cotton mattresses which are pricey, there are latex mattresses- which Ella has a latex allergy and even though they say the latex mattress wouldn’t cause a reaction, I still didn’t want to try it, and then there is the new Eco Friendly Memory Foam. The Eco Foam has friendly prices, so we went with that. Luckily, Arizona Premium Mattress Company gave me a discount so I could review the mattress and share my amazing results.
The Eco Foam is made with plant based memory foam which creates the most breathable foam on the market. The big thing for me is that mattress is not treated with chemical fire retardants, but fiber based fire retardants. That means there are no harsh chemicals for you or your child to inhale while sleeping. The foam has a bamboo cover which allows air flow movement and the foam to breathe- drawing heat away from the body. It is hypoallergenic and also antimicrobial. This will keep odors and mold growth from building up in your mattress which is often a huge problem with cotton mattresses.

When we got the mattress, we didn’t have the bed set up. But I was dying to try it out, so I laid it out on our living room floor. For 3 days I stayed on the floor on the mattress because it was so comfortable! The foam formed to my body and helped with my back pain as I was busy writing my reviews. 🙂 They need to make a couch out of this! We finally got Ella’s bed set up after a long horrible experience and ended up using an old oak bunk bed I had stored in our garage because our original plan fell through. But, it was all worth the hassle! The Eco Friendly Memory Foam mattress is the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on!! When I have the money, I will be buying one for my bed!

I love how the mattress fits to your body. It is firm, yet soft. Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I crept into Ella’s room and slept with her. It was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while. Well, other than the foot in my ribs. I tend to toss and turn and end up on my sides or stomach. The mattress forms to your body to make any way you sleep unbelievably comfortable. I woke up this morning with no back pain, which is a miracle! Ella usually sweats a lot in her sleep and since she’s been using the Eco Foam, her night time sweats are gone. We’ve had the mattress for almost a month and there is no odor.

You can get the Eco Friendly Memory Foam mattress at Arizona Premium Mattress Company and shipping is free to anywhere in the US- except AK and HI. They also offer a 60 night sleep trial! If you enter your name and email you can get unadvertised specials with awesome discounts!

Here is Ella extremely happy in her new big girl bed:
I won’t even get into how difficult it was to find organic or bamboo sheets, pillows and comforters. But, if you are going to do it, do it right.


4 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Memory Foam Review

  1. It's good to know your daughter is loving her new mattress. Kids should be given firmer mattresses like memory foams for better back support. Maybe you should get your own memory foam mattress too. That will certainly improve your sleep. Most people say that 5 pounds of density is the best but I think 4 pounds of density offers a better combination of support and comfort especially to the lower back area.

    And the fact that your daughter's memory foam is eco friendly adds up to its appeal. They are more hypoallergenic too.


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