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This giveaway has ended. Thanks to all that entered!!
Last month I was researching Eco-friendly humidifiers for Ella’s room to prepare for the cold weather that was coming. After Ella battled her first real cold, I wanted to make sure this wasn’t going to be a reoccurring theme. I found AIR-O-SWISS and was amazed at their variety of low energy humidifiers. They were generous enough to send me a Evaporator AOS E2441 to review, which won the Red Dot Design Award for 2008! Well, this was a great idea until the night I put it in Ella’s room and saw her on the video monitor trying to take it a part. (Gotta love video monitors!) I would have put it on top of her dresser, but she’s smart enough to climb up there and I wouldn’t want the 8 lb. machine falling on her. So, the Evaporator went into my room.

I know you have all heard me complain about my never ending sinus infection that I’ve had since last December. I’ve tried everything from clay masks, multiple rounds of antibiotics, a different type of humidifier, homeopathic remedies, neti pots, healing jewelry, aromatherapy and my doc even put me on 2 different steroids. They all worked for about a week and the infection would come back. Last month my doctor had told me he wanted more tests done and I’ve been hesitant to get them. Well, since I’ve had the Evaporator in my room my sinuses have been clear! Not just for a week, but for 3!!

AIR-O-SWISS makes advanced air treatment system humidifiers which include: Air Washers, Evaporators, Ultrasonics, and Travel Sonics in various sizes for all of your needs. They also carry Air Cleaners. Cold weather brings dry air. Germs tend to travel faster in less humid temps which is why the flu often hits harder in the colder months. Introducing higher humidity levels to the air has been shown to constrain transmission of germs as well as limit their survival. Your house has tons of dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and more pollutants circulating through the air which can contribute to respiratory diseases. All of these particles thrive in dry air which is why you should maintain proper humidity levels at all times to insure your family stays healthy.

The Evaporator has been a life saver for me. You don’t know how good it feels to be able to breathe through both nostrils! The Evaporator is extremely simple to use. It’s like watering a plant. You fill a water jug with water and simply pour into the Evaporator when low. It has a mark showing you when it is almost full, so you don’t have to worry about over filling. I keep a old juice bottle (that has been cleaned) next to my sink and when I’m brushing my teeth at night, I fill the bottle with cold water.

This is how the Evaporator works: The Evaporator wick is first saturated with water. The fan then forces the dry air in the room through the wet wick and releases it again as properly humidified air. You can feel the cool air circulating at the top of the machine. But the great part is that it is almost silent. So it would be perfect for a nursery. That is until they are mobile and able to take things a part. 🙂 The air is not only humidified but also purified to a certain point. The wick will collect dust and dirt particles. The Evaporator also comes with a Ionic Silver Stick that uses aqueous silver ions to control microbial growth for up to 1 year of continued use. This is a problem I’ve had in the past with humidifiers… mold would start growing after a week. With the Evaporator I’ve had no mold or mildew growth in the month of use! The Evaporator is energy efficient and only uses a small amount of energy with around 24W. There are 2 whisper quiet operation modes for normal or nighttime use. This model works for a 430 sq. ft room. You can purchase a Evaporator through AIR-O-SWISS by clicking here. I highly recommend to add this to your holiday wish list!! Especially if you suffer from sinus infections or other respiratory issues.

The Giveaway: AIR-O-SWISS would like to give 1 LUCKY winner a Evaporator AOS E2441! That is a $140 value!
Rules: You have until 11:59 p.m. EST November 10, 2009 to enter. The winner will be chosen by and announced after they respond to the winning email. The winner has 48 hours to respond to the winning email, or a new winner will be chosen. You must leave your email address! This contest is only open to the US

How to Enter: Go to AIR-O-SWISS and tell me another product that you like and why. Click on “Comments” to leave your post. Make sure to leave your email address!! I cannot contact the winner without it!

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*New disclaimer: I was sent a Evaporator by AIR-O-SWISS to review for free. This is NO way changes my opinion about the product or company. These are my thoughts, opinions and results.


400 thoughts on “AIR-O-SWISS Giveaway

  1. Proper humidification reduces chapped lips, dry, red eyes and dry, itchy skin. This is a big one in my household. Winter hits and some of us get dry, cracked skin on the back of our hands. One of my daughters has had a skin irritation around her mouth which I'm sure would go away with some humidity in the house. Thanks!

    lmarston AT yahoo DOT com


  2. I like the AOS 2071 Air Cleaner & Humidifier (Combined) because it has a HEPA filter, among other nice specs, and has a built-in humidifier. I love the idea of a 2-in-1 machine! Thanks for the chance to win!

    lmarston AT yahoo DOT com


  3. I would love to try the evaporator, I think it would help my husband who suffers from asthma, and has severe allergies, I liked the air cleaner to, that seemed like that would be a good idea too. my email address is I hope you get better with your sinuses, my husband has a fit with his.


  4. The AOS 2061 Air Cleaner looks great. Our area is becoming more developed and I don't think it's a coincidence that I'm having a lot more allergy problems. I've been thinking that I need to get some kind of air cleaner


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