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This giveaway has ended. Thanks to all that entered!
Like I said yesterday, the products that you use to eat with are just as important as the foods that you eat. If you or your child is eating off of a plastic plate or drinking from a cup that contains phthalates, BPA or other unsafe plastics- chances are the bad chemicals are going to leak into your food/beverage. BPA is turning up everywhere, from bottles to aluminum cans to receipts. I’m sure we will hear a lot more about BPA in the near future. I got really upset a couple of months ago when a company who swore their aluminum bottles were BPA free ended up containing small amounts. They have since changed their design to completely BPA free, but still… that’s not the point. Things like this make other companies look bad who really are trying to make a difference. So if you are buying anything with aluminum, be careful of what the lining is made with. If it doesn’t say BPA free, don’t buy it… even then.. be weary.

A great alternative to aluminum bottles is stainless steel. They might cost a little bit more, but you are getting what you pay for. There is no lining needed for stainless steel, so there is no BPA. There is a great company called Fill Your Own that makes adorable 18-8 grade stainless steel bottles in sizes ranging from 350ml to 1000ml. The plastic caps are made out of polypropylene, PP 5, which is a safe plastic. What I love about these bottles is that local Canadian artists designed the bottles! There are designs for adults and children. These bottles are a great step in getting rid of plastic bottles or for a safe cup to give your child.

I love the story of how Fill Your Own began. Annette’s, the owner, husband said for his birthday present, “I would like our household to be greener and not use disposable plastic water bottles. Can you find us some bottles that we can refill on our own?” A week later, Fill Your Own was born. Annette designed the bottles with her 4 year old daughter in mind. She made them spill proof, Eco-friendly, and safe.

We were sent 2 great bottles to review. We got the 350ml bottle Panda Play and the 500ml Butterflies bottle. Ella has used them the most, though I have enjoyed the Butterflies bottle myself. Apparently, people aren’t the only ones interested in these stylish bottles. Check out who else likes them:
Yes, he tried to steal her bottle! She was telling him, “noooooo… this is Ella’s milk.” I love the handle on the bottle, which is easy to slip on your child’s wrist to carry around. We’ve had no leaking problems and they fit easily in Ella’s hands. The only thing Ella does not like is when the bottle is too cold. But, I like that aspect since it keeps the liquid cold longer on warm days. I made the mistake of leaving the Panda Play cup in the car for 2 days that had milk in it. I was scared to open it to clean out the spoiled milk, but amazingly, it was fine. Of course not drinkable, but no chunks or bad smell.

Fill Your Own bottles come in 13 different styles with 4 different sizes. You can choose from 3 different caps, though the straw length varies. You can also purchase the caps separately.

The Discount: Fill Your Own would like to give you 15% off your Fill Your Own purchase at Raspberry Kids by entering FYO115 at the checkout. They will ship anywhere. 🙂

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*New Disclaimer- I was sent 2 Fill Your Own bottles to review for free. This in no way changes how I feel about the company or products. These are my results, thoughts and opinions.


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