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I wanted to add some Eco-friendly eating products to my Eating Healthy Week because to me- that’s just as important. When I think about napkins and paper towels, my first thought is convenience. I’m guilty of being a paper towel user. But after reading how paper towels and napkins get so white and that if every household in the US switched 1 roll of virgin fiber paper towels to recycled or reusable- 1.4 million trees would be saved, I’ve changed my mind.

Napkins and paper towels get their bright white color through a chlorine bleaching process. The bleaching process releases chemical dioxins and furans which end up in our air and water supply. I couldn’t find any studies about the chemicals being released in the napkin or paper towel themselves, but it wouldn’t surprise me. If you do continue using paper towels and napkins, look for 100% recycled or a label that says, “chlorine bleach free.” Or you can do what we are doing and buy organic cotton/bamboo reusable napkins. There is a debate about the energy used in washing reusable napkins, dish towels and such. But if you add them to your usual laundry load and have an energy saving washer and dryer you are helping the environment rather than harming it.

I found an awesome company called FabiKins that makes organic cotton and bamboo blend of napkins for every age and occasion. They can even personalize them!! Geraldine Anders, the maker of FabKins, wanted to reduce her family’s trash contribution to landfills and teach her children about reducing and reusing. The smallest things have a great impact on the environment! The idea for FabiKins came from Geraldine’s husband’s family since they used color coded napkins for each family member. Geraldine wanted to create a napkin that used Eco-friendly fabrics since they are better for the earth and your family. The mission of FabiKins is to reduce waste, save trees, teach environmental awareness through actions, and to help the planet. They only use Oeko-Tex 100 certified organic cotton and bamboo in their napkins.

FabiKins sent Ella a personalized ballerina napkin along with a 17X17 napkin that can be used as a dish towel. I was amazed at how soft they are! They almost feel like a terry cloth, but smoother. I like how you can wet the napkin and get off yucky food stuck to your child’s face. Ella loves her yogurt, and is quite messy while eating it. The napkin worked well and it was easy to wash the blueberry powder off. What I really love is that the napkin is made with bamboo, which has natural antibacterial properties. So it’s OK to reuse your napkin a few times before needing a good wash since the bamboo’s natural properties will destroy or suppress the growth of the nasty bacteria. You should still make sure you wash off all of the food before laying out to dry for the next use. The 17X17 is perfect for wiping spills on the counter, dry dishes, and use for cleaning.

FabiKins has many adorable monograms you can choose from to personalize your FabiKin or you can choose from their pre-made selections. They carry napkins for events, weddings and even the holidays. Their baby Bamboo Bunny Washcloths and Burpees are really cute! FabiKins also carries a variety of bamboo eating utensils, placemats, organic cotton napkins and more.

The Giveaway: FabiKins would like to give 1 lucky winner a Earth Friendly Symbol Organic Cotton Jersey Drawstring Tote with 2 lunch sized FabiKins. Great for taking on the go!
Rules: You have until 11:59 p.m. EST November 6, 2009 to enter. The winner will be chosen by random.org and announced after they respond to the winning email. The winner has 48 hours to respond to the winning email, or a new winner will be chosen. You must leave your email address! This contest is only open to the US

How to Enter: Go to FabiKins and tell me your favorite item/monogram. Click on “Comments” to leave your post. Make sure to leave your email address!! I cannot contact the winner without it!

EXTRA entries: You must complete the “How To Enter” before making any extra entries. Make sure you leave a comment for each extra entry and tell me which one.

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*New Disclaimer- I was sent 2 FabiKins to review for free. This in no way changes how I feel about the company or products. These are my results, thoughts and opinions.


133 thoughts on “FabiKins Giveaway

  1. I love the generous size of the FabiKins. 12×12 for lunch napkins is terrific when you have messy kids.
    I also like the thread color combo sets. How cool to have monogramed napkins! Would make those date night dinners at home extra fancy. 😉

    ibrakeforbooks at gmail dot com


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