Eco-Personal Care Week

So since I was asked to do more personal care items, I’ve dedicated a whole week to finding some amazing products! To start off the week I want you to find some personal care products around your house and bring them to your computer. Then go to Skin Deep- Cosmetic Safety Database and look up some of the ingredients in your products. What you will find will amaze you! Even on some products labeled “natural” and even some organics come back with scary things. If you do this, write down some of the ingredients that had moderate hazard to high hazard levels and keep them on hand. I will have an extra entry to every giveaway this week that can you write some products that alarmed you. You can choose to write the products name- but that is up to you. Even if you don’t do this for an extra entry, I highly advice you to check this out and see what’s really in your products. It’s been an eyeopener for me!!


4 thoughts on “Eco-Personal Care Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just checked a very well known baby lotion that I use. It has propylene Glycol in it, which has a 4-7 rating. This is specifically made for babies. I am outraged. How dare they.
    Marj M.


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