Green Halloween Review

Who says you have to give out candy on Halloween? I love candy, but that doesn’t mean I want my 2 year old eating it for 3 weeks after trick-or-treating. Yes, I’m one of those moms. I don’t allow her to eat processed sugary treats on a daily basis. I do allow a treat every once in a while… I’m not an extremist. But there are no benefits of eating candy. They rot your teeth, give you a sugar high, and most are fattening. Yet, parents still load their children up on sugar every day. Not to mention all of the natural sugars that are in fruits, juices, snacks and so forth. Last year I handed out organic suckers and organic cracker packs on Halloween. Amazingly, the kids chose the cracker packs over the suckers.

This year I got the idea to hand out recycled treats. I found Weisenbach Recycled Products and their Green Halloween products are really cool. You can buy Halloween Activity Pads, Soy Bean Crayons, Hand Fan Masks, Picture Me Green Books, Pumpkin Tattoos, Pencils and more! They are sold in bulk packs at great prices. I really liked the Halloween Activity Pads with Soy Bean Crayons.
You get 20 pads per pack at only $9. There are cute activities, coloring pages and more in the books. You can buy the Soy Bean Crayons for $8 for a pack of 20 that would go great with the Activity Pads.

The Pumpkin Tattoo’s are made with non-toxic inks and are adorable! You get 50 per pack at $23. These are great to hand out at Halloween parties or for your trick-or-treaters.I also really liked the Picture Me Green Book! You can insert your child’s picture in the back so when you flip through the pages your child will see themselves. One of the pages reads, “Lights and lamps will brighten the gloom, but I shut them off when I leave an empty room.” There is a picture of a child turning off a lamp and once a picture is inserted, it will be your child! These are sold in packs of 20 at $25.
So instead of buying candy this year, spread the message of going green to all of your neighbors! Check out Green Halloween to make your Eco-friendly trick-or-treat purchases.


3 thoughts on “Green Halloween Review

  1. Thanks for the great post. We are actually going to take our daughter on a fun trip that weekend to avoid trick or treating, but I am going to put together a goody bag of non-candy items for her, so thank you for the great ideas.


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