Lavera Makeup Review

I hate having my picture taken. I never like my pictures and as a photographer I nit pick every detail. Luckily, my best friend takes great pictures of me and I had amazing makeup from Lavera to use to help bring out my features. 🙂 But, let’s talk about makeup before I get into Lavera.

There have been tons of makeup tests done lately and a lot have come back containing lead. Especially in lipsticks. Yes, this is a replay of many years ago and now the scare has come back. This month the FDA finally started testing lipsticks (since environmentalists have been on them for a while) and found high levels of lead in all 20 lipsticks they tested. Yet, they did not release the names of the brands and still have not developed a standard for lead in lipstick. You can read more on Safe Cosmetics.

Lavera has started a Lavera Lipstick Exchange so that consumers could send in their lead contaminated lipsticks and they’ll color match with a Lavera Lipstick and send them a PROMO CODE for $10 off any non-clearance lipstick purchase. Due to the popularity of this program, they’ve extended the Lavera Lipstick Exchange til the end of 2009.

Another scary fact is that the FDA allows mercury compounds to be in certain makeup as long as it doesn’t exceed 65 ppm! Though, the FDA doesn’t completely regulate the makeup industry and allows them a self policing policy. Unlike drug companies, makeup companies do not have to test their products before releasing them. Since the ingredients aren’t regulated, harmful chemicals and toxins are more than likely to end up in your makeup. When I say harmful, I’m talking about chemicals which are known to cause cancer, infertility, and even birth defects.

First of all, you don’t want nasty chemicals absorbing into your skin just for beauty. Especially when most women put on makeup several times a day. Secondly, how many times have your children played in your makeup? I remember waking up one morning to Ella playing in my makeup with stuff all over her face. Luckily, it was organic and she didn’t have a reaction. She has my sensitive skin and almost anything makes her break out. Another thing to worry about is your unborn baby. A study was done on umbilical cords to detect how many chemicals were being absorbed and over 287 potentially toxic chemicals were found! The study didn’t document all the products the mother’s used, but everything that we are exposed to adds up.

I’m not saying that putting on non-organic makeup is going to give you cancer. But I want you to see that many small doses of toxic chemicals can lead to major health problems. You just need to assess everything that you use to limit how many chemicals you put into your body. And makeup is one of the easiest products to switch!

Lavera carries safe, organic makeup, bath and body, hair care, anti-aging, skin care and more that is amazing! In 2008 they were ranked #1 in a study on safe cosmetics conducted by Oeko-Test Magazine. Lavera has received more than 150 Oeko-test awards in the category “Recommended /Very Good”, more than any other manufacturer of cosmetics. All of their products are free from parabens, SLS, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, emulsifiers and petroleum based ingredients. They do contain pure, organic plant oils, herb and flower extracts designed for sensitive skin.

I was sent the Eye Shadow Duo #1 in a light gray/blue to review and I loved it! It matched my dress and totally brought out my eyes. I like a natural look and that’s exactly what it gave me while still bringing out my features. I was also sent their Lip Gloss #6 in burgundy. This seriously was the best lip gloss I’ve ever used. No clunky or gritty excess was left on my lips after applying! My lips stayed moisturized and didn’t crack like all of the other glosses I’ve used. I also put their Lipstick #20 in terracotta on over the gloss so it was a natural look. Again, no cracked lips and it went on smoothly. I can’t wait to try more of their products!

The Discount: Lavera would like to give my readers 15% off any purchase until October 31, 2009. Just enter Mkokopelli at the checkout! It’s not valid on clearance or out of box.

You can follow Lavera on Twitter for exclusive updates and offers or sign up for their newsletter at Lavera.


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