PlasmaCar Review- Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway

Yea!! We finally got our PlasmaCar!! I have to say, this is a fun toy for any age. I rode it for a while around the block and probably enjoyed it more than Ella. Be sure to read all of the specs on the PlasmaCar on my Giveaway post.

Let me first say, don’t let someone put it together who can’t read instructions. I was happily putting together my PlasmaCar when my mom’s friend walked by and asked if he could help. I thought, hey- a guy can get this done much quicker than me… wrong. It was very nice of him to help, but you must follow all directions in order for the PlasmaCar to work properly. The back wheels need to go in at a 45 degree angle. They have a slit which should fit into the wheel notch. If it doesn’t fit, you have the wrong wheel on. Also, don’t tighten the bolt to the steering wheel until you have aligned the front wheels. It doesn’t work well when not aligned!

OK, totally didn’t mean to pick on him, but these tips will come in handy if you are the lucky winner of the PlasmaCar.

I was proud that Ella was able to figure out how to ride the PlasmaCar in 5 minutes. Now, she did not master riding the PlasmaCar, but she is only 2.8 yrs old and I had to quickly get this on tape before the giveaway ended.
When Ella was on even ground she was able to move the PlasmaCar very well- when using both hands. I think next year this will be her favorite outside toy. We just need to find a great place to go riding so she can really feel the speed.

Another tip, if your child is 38 pounds, the PlasmaCar can tip over if on uneven ground. So make sure you stay next to your child at all times in case this happens. A helmet might come in handy too, but I forgot ours when we ventured out.

My thoughts- I think this is a great design and the best outside riding toy I’ve seen. It is built to last, you don’t have to use batteries, it’s light weight so it can fit into your car, and anyone can use it. I’d love to have one more so we can have PlasmaCar races.

You can still win a PlasmaCar on Mkokopelli until September 15, 2009.


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