New Wave Enviro Review

There are always a hundred things to go do around Charlotte in the Fall. Especially outside adventures, fairs, festivals, and produce pickings. Not to mention great weather for picnics. To save money, we always pack a lunch to take with us. Ella is at the “do it myself” stage and wants to carry her own bag. Our lunch cooler is way too big for her to carry. At the perfect time- I was sent the Lunchopolis made by New Wave Enviro- from Atlantis Natural to review.
It is the perfect size for Ella to carry her own lunch. And of course it is pink which she loves. They also have a blue and brown bag. The 15 oz. water bottle is great for an outdoor day outing. We took it to the zoo with us over the weekend and her drink lasted the whole trip. We had blueberries in a small container and the juice didn’t leak out at all!

I learned that 3.5 billion pounds of garbage is generated each year from juice boxes, water bottles, aluminum foil and plastic bags. That’s a lot of trash! A Eco-friendly alternative is to carry reusable container lunch sets that are safe for you and the environment. The Lunchopolis comes with a 15 oz. water bottle, large sandwich container, a medium size container and 2 smaller containers, which are all recyclable. The lunch bag is insulated with cotton and has a mesh bag to store a ice pack. The bag, containers and bottle are all dishwasher safe.

I have read some reviews about the Lunchopolis claiming they are not BPA free. The sources claim the containers are made with polycarbonates which can leak BPA. This is from the Lunchopolis website:

  1. The containers are made from polypropylene and the lids are made from Polyethylene. The bottle is made from Polypropylene and the cap is made from Polyethylene. The air bladder is made from silicone. Polypropylene is a recycling code # 5. These plastics are BPA free.
  2. The lunch box was tested under CPSIA rules( and found safe with no lead or phthalate’s in the product). The bag bottles and containers were tested by SGS. SGS, headquartered in Switzerland is the world’s leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification company.

So there you have it! No bad stuff in this product. If you want to get technical, polyethylene isn’t biodegradable and would take several centuries to degrade. But, as long as you recycle the products after you are done with them, that won’t matter. Always remember to check the recycle code on the bottom of plastics. If it says 3 or 7 it may contain BPA.

I also got to try a New Wave Enviro 12 oz. Stainless Kids Lunchbox Bottle and highly recommend getting one! I love how cold it keeps beverages, even when outside in the heat. It is just the right size for little hands and I like the sports cap. I had a problem with it leaking at the beginning until I realized there was clear piece you could push to control the flow. If the clear piece is poked down, it flows more readily. After I figured that out, I haven’t had any issues. The interesting thing about stainless steel is that the interior needs no coating unlike aluminum.Another cool thing I learned about the Stainless Steel Bottles is that they are virtually indestructible. Here is a picture of one after it was run over by a car:
Atlantis Natural also carries a variety of New Wave Enviro products including: the Bamboo Lunch Bag, Bathtub filter, larger Stainless Steel bottles and more.

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