The Softest Blanket Week Review- Best Baby Organics

I know you’ve seen lots about Best Baby Organics, but that’s just because they have it all! They carry organic clothing, toys, maternity gear, baby gear, breastfeeding supplies, slings, Eco-friendly gifts and they even started carrying organic crib mattresses made in the USA!

Ella got the Lukeeno Organic Baby Blanket with Hoodie to try and it reminded me of the blanket she had when we came home from the hospital. She was born in January, so it was still cold outside and I wanted a thick cotton blanket to keep her swaddled. The Lukeeno blanket is much softer than the one we had 2 years ago and I love the added hoodie! This is a very thick and well made blanket. I know a lot of babies rub holes in their blankets, but I really don’t see how they could with this one.

When I first saw the picture of the Lukeeno blanket I thought Ella might be too big for it. She was next to me when I opened the box and had to, “wear the flunky!” And it fit her perfectly.

She has been running around the house with it on as her cape. It is even large enough to take on picnics for your child’s own personal blanket to sit on. But, mostly, I’d highly recommend this blanket for infants- especially in the Fall and Winter! It will really keep your infant warm and cozy while swaddled, plus the hoodie is the best. This would make the perfect baby shower or welcoming home gift. You can always take the blanket to be personalized and a name would fit perfectly on the hoodie.

The Lukeeno blanket is 100% organic cotton and is double folded for extra thickness. It is 37X31 inches, so your infant can grow with the blanket. You can get the Lukeeno blanket or any other Lukeeno product for 50% off by entering LUKEENO at the checkout! That means the blanket is only $17! 

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