The Softest Blanket Week Begins! Green Earth Bamboo Giveaway

This contest has ended. Thanks to all that entered!
What? A whole week of blanket giveaways?? Yes, it is true. We are on the search for the softest Eco-friendly blanket on the market. As I was putting Ella to sleep last month I realized that her mattress pad was organic, her sheets were organic, her pillow case was organic- but her “flunky” was not. (A flunky is Ella’s word for blanket.) We ventured into many stores and couldn’t find the right one. We both have major texture issues, so our fabrics have to be extra soft. Since we can’t feel blankets through cyberspace, I thought I’d dedicate a week to finding the perfect one and to give you the opportunity to win some awesome blankets in time for Fall weather!

Let me first say, introducing new “flunkies” to Ella hasn’t been an easy task. She’s had her old flunky for almost 2 years and was quite attached. But, I if I went through all of the trouble to make sure she was sleeping on the safest fabrics available, I want her cuddling with one too.

Before I get into my first review- check out my article about bamboo and what the FTC has been claiming about several companies. The article goes into all details about bamboo, but I didn’t want to repeat what has already been said.

Green Earth Bamboo is a Eco-friendly company selling all of your bamboo needs. They carry sheets, blankets, clothing, bath supplies and more! They also have a great informative blog with current bamboo information. What I love about bamboo is that it acts as a thermal regulator keeping you 3 degrees cooler on hot days and 3 degrees warmer on cool days. So if you sweat a lot in your sleep, bamboo is the way to go. It also is naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal. There have been numerous sock tests done with bamboo socks and if you have smelly feet, try a pair out and see the difference. Or you can read about a sock test done at Green Earth Bamboo on their info page. Bamboo shirts are also great if you do a lot of activities outside. Green Earth Bamboo has a great selection of socks and shirts, so check them out!

Green Earth Bamboo sent us a Dream Sacks Box Weave Woven blanket and so far it’s passed Ella’s test. It is 36″X36″ and is perfect for toddlers and infants. They also sell an adult size. I was a bit skeptical on how a woven blanket could be super soft and I was amazed when I felt it. Most woven blankets are scratchy, but this one is silky smooth. When rubbing it, you can’t even tell that it’s a woven fabric. Don’t let it’s thin appearance fool you. I turned Ella’s fan on full blast and cuddled up under the blanket. It kept me perfectly warm and blocked the cool air.
Since Ella has been using it, she’s had no night time sweats. She’s a very hot natured child, so finding something that is soft that will keep her cool has been a chore. The woven blanket comes in 5 different colors and of course Ella got the pink. This is her cuddling with her new magical flunky.

The Giveaway:
One lucky reader will win a Woven Blanket (36″X36″) from Green Earth Bamboo
Rules: You have until 11:59 p.m. EST September 16, 2009 to enter. The winner will be chosen by and announced after they respond to the winning email. The winner has 48 hours to respond to the winning email, or a new winner will be chosen. You must leave your email address! This contest is open to the US.
How to Enter: Visit Green Earth Bamboo and tell me something else you’d like to have. Click on “Comments” to leave your post. Make sure to leave your email address!! I cannot contact the winner without it!
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