Anyone Want to Open a Eco-friendly Store in Charlotte, NC?

I’m so frustrated! Charlotte is the 18th largest populated city in the U.S. so you’d think we’d have some decent Eco-friendly stores… but nooooo. I’ve been happy to shop online and I’ve come across some amazing stores and people in the virtual world. But there are times when I can’t decide between a product and I’d like to hold it in my hands before making my purchase. I’m a touchy feely person, and I want to feel the fabrics before picking my daughters clothes instead of relying on a picture on my computer screen. I want to walk down an isle of clothes and have a huge selection to choose from!

Am I the only parent in Charlotte who is concerned about what is in my child’s toys or clothing? Sure, you can find infant organic clothes from big named companies, but not for a toddler. There are a few toy stores that carry a limited selection of Plan Toys and Melissa and Doug… but what about Eeboo?? (I say Eeboo because I went on an extensive search today to try to find any store here that carries their matching cards or puzzles and my search only came up with a boutique that’s been closed for a few months now.) When money is tight, it’s sometimes hard to spend the extra $8+ on shipping! Going “green” shouldn’t be this difficult!

So what’s the deal Charlotte? If I had the money, I’d open a store tomorrow! Anyone want to lend me some??? 😉


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