Yoga Week Kickoff!

Summer is sadly coming to an end for millions of children. Parents are getting anxious about the upcoming school year and children still have tons of Summer energy to burn. That’s why I wanted to have a whole week dedicated to Kids Yoga that is fun and beneficial for the whole family!

Yoga is about learning how to control your body and mind while being in a state of peace. This is especially important for helping your little ones adjust to new situations. If they understand how to control their inner peace than this will help reduce anxiety and the struggles they face with their peers. Of course you won’t see results over night when introducing Yoga, but after time and when they learn how to control their bodies, the results are amazing.

Starting Yoga at an early age will help teach your child body awareness, control, and give them the self esteem they need to succeed. I started doing Yoga with my 2.6 yr old a couple of months ago to see if it would help get her ready for bed. It seemed like as soon as 6 p.m. hit she would get a burst of energy, which would result in her not being able to fall asleep an hour later. We started off with Angel Bear Yoga and she loved it! E grabs her Angel Bear Yoga Cards every night and begs to “do Yoga.” We practice for about 30 minutes and then she’s ready for bed.

The great thing about Kids Yoga is that it can be fun for the whole family. I’ve done all of the exercises with E and have really felt it the next day. Sharing Yoga together every night has been a great way for me to relax while getting in some bonding time. If I’m stressed out during the day, I’ll pop in a Kids Yoga DVD and we unwind together.

So join me in this week full of poses, giveaways, info and other cool yoga stuff!


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