Something I Can’t Give Up

My New Years resolution last year was to become 70% “green.” There were some things I knew I couldn’t give up and wanted to make it a realistic goal. Now, this resolution didn’t mean throwing out everything and starting all over. That is not Eco-friendly and wasteful. But when I purchased new items, my goal was for 70% of them to be Eco-friendly or organic.

Yankee Candle is part of the 30% of things I couldn’t give up. Majority of candles give me headaches, and theirs don’t. Well, I just found out why and had to share. I read on that “paraffin candles can release carcinogens into the air, and are said to be as bad for you as emissions from burning diesel fuel.” So I had to look up what kind of wax Yankee Candle uses. I found out they use highly-refined paraffin wax, which Wikipedia says “can burn as or more cleanly (with regards to particulates created during combustion) than natural waxes.”

This made me very happy! I feel a little bit better knowing I’m not basically burning diesel fuel in my living room. I also learned they use fragrance extracts and real essential oils for their scents. So hopefully this weekend I can do some guilt free Halloween shopping at Yankee Candle since they are debuting their new line.

If you have decided to go “green” what products can you not give up?


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