Green Volcanic Clay

I’m in love with Green Volcanic Clay! Atlantis Natural sent me a bottle to try and I’m more than impressed. When I was pregnant my face broke out like never before. Ever since then, I’ve had teenage acne and little white spots under my eyes. The Green Volcanic Clay has gotten rid of my white spots and is totally clearing up my skin. You put the Clay on like a mask and rub off any excess clay. You leave the mask on over night and you won’t believe the results when you wake up! Green Volcanic Clay isn’t just for acne. It helps heal wounds, cuts, and injured tissues with external application faster, and with far less scar tissue. It’s especially recommended for someone who is undergoing surgery. I was waiting to get a scratch just to try it out and it only took a day before my cat scratched me. The Green Volcanic Clay didn’t burn like peroxide does and it healed in 4 days. Majority of the cat scratches I’ve had have ended up infected, but with Green Volcanic Clay– I had none.

The Green Volcanic Clay is made up of ash from volcanic lake areas and chlorophyll. It contains no preservatives, artificial colors or added chemicals. Chemical analysis show no traces of pollutants such as mercury or lead. If the Clay dries out, all you need to do is add purified water to restore it to a paste like consistency. You only need a dab for a boo boo or mask, so the bottle should last you a while. Conductivity studies have shown the Clay has a high content of negative ions beneficial to humans and other animals. It provides a natural electric charge to organs promoting regeneration. So the Clay will help with inflammation, swelling, and even sinus issues. The Green Volcanic Clay is only $15.99 from Atlantis Natural and the price is a steal!


2 thoughts on “Green Volcanic Clay

  1. I have heard about this stuff.. but have never used it! I'll have to try and find it!

    Thanks for stopping by today. What part of NC are you from? That's where I am.


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