The great thing about being a blogger is the contacts you meet in the process. I have loved hearing Mom and Dad stories about how they began their companies and what they’ve been through. So many people have opened up and let me in on parts of their lives. I’ve had wonderful people give great advice on how to build my site and where to get more blogging knowledge. (No, I haven’t been sucked into the black hole) 😉 Strangers have taken time out of their busy lives to form a new relationship and we’ve never come in contact- other than by a keyboard. It’s amazing how the Internet has changed over the past 15 years and how you can befriend someone with just one click. I think some people take this marvel for granted, but I am very blessed for what this venture is teaching me.

I started reading a book my mom has, “212 The Extra Degree,” and wanted to share 2 paragraphs…

“As a friend- Choose to visit or talk with one extra friend each week and create 52 additional discussions among friends for the year. Do something helpful and unexpected for one friend each week of the year and plant more than 50 additional possibilities of influence.”

“As a parent- Wake and act each day with the understanding that your actions will be absorbed by your children… and your children will grow to be contributing adults to the level of your influence. Add an extra 15 minutes each day to the time you invest with your children- an equivalent of more than 2 weeks each year at work. Imagine the exponentially positive effect of investing 2 extra weeks each year exclusively in the development of your children.”

“212 The Extra Degree” is about how to live successfully. It has beautiful photography with amazing positive inspirational quotes throughout the book. We sometimes get caught up in every day things and don’t realize our behaviors and how they are affecting others.
So, reach out and touch someone today and spend an extra 15 minutes of undivided attention with your loved ones.
Hope you have a great day!


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