A New Level of Comfort- The Naturalmat

Becoming a “green” family has been a long and hard process. Like many things, I didn’t think everything through when I started transitioning our family. There are so many options to think about when you decide to become more Eco-friendly and sometimes you forget about the small, yet important stuff. When Ella needed new bedding last year, we went with organic cotton. I felt comfortable knowing she would be sleeping on organic sheets and not inhaling contaminants. What I didn’t think about was the mattress that laid under her sheets.

When I was pregnant and shopping I had no clue about the dangers that were around every corner… OK, maybe I’m being dramatic… but this is something I’m passionate about. Protecting my child is my responsibility. Not to mention the bigger picture- protecting our environment so it’s safe for our children and so forth. So as I was changing her sheets one day, I noticed the tag on her mattress which said “vinyl laminate.” A PVC film is used when making the laminate, so there is a chance chemicals are being released and she’s inhaling them for 13 hours a day. It’s too late in the game to go out and buy a new toddler mattress when we will be upgrading to a twin soon enough. So my other alternative was to buy a organic mattress protector.

As fate has it, a week after my revelation, I was introduced to Naturalmat and a Mattress Protector was sent to me for a review. As I pulled the mat out of the Eco-friendly package, Ella ran to it and starting cuddling it. Her words were, “beautiful flunky! oooh, so soft.” A flunky is her made up word for blanket. After I put the mat on her bed, I laid down to test it out. OMG it made such a difference! Now this protector was made to stop leaks, but the extra padding and comfort is unbelievable. It truly feels like a whole new bed. The Naturalmat Mattress Protector is made up of 2 thick layers of soft organic flannelet which encompasses a breathable thin polyurethane membrane. It is unbleached, undyed and naturally flame retardant. The mat lays flat on top of the mattress and has elastic bands on each corner to hold it in place. Luckily, we haven’t had to test it out for leaks just yet. Though I’ve read reviews and it has passed the test. I feel a bit of relief knowing my baby is sleeping safely and HIGHLY recommend the Mattress Protector for any crib or toddler mattress.

Naturalmat also makes amazing mattresses and sheets for all your crib and toddler bed needs. Each
organic mattress is handmade in Devonshire, England from the finest natural and raw organic materials. Their durable naturally sprung mattress cores provide superior and longer lasting level of support than any other synthetic foam or metal spring. So you won’t have to worry about a spring popping through your baby’s mattress. Most mattresses are made of polyurethane foam and PVC, which harm the environment in their manufacture and disposal. They also emit noxious gases which can interfere with brain development. I wish I would have known these things 3 years ago, but it’s never too late to learn! Check out the Naturalmat Mattresses below:

The Discount:
You can visit Goores.com to make your Naturalmat purchases and you can recieve a 10% discount on ANY Naturalmat product by entering the code:
mknm at the checkout. Happy shopping!!!


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