GreenEdge Kids- Kate Quinn Pants

I got my order today from GreenEdge Kids today, and I’m in LOVE with the Kate Quinn Organics pants we got.
They are the softest pants Ella has ever owned. Honestly, I would love a pair for myself! They are flowy and baggy, but in a very cute way. Here is the description:
Certified Organic Cotton, Certified Fair Trade, Low Impact Dyes. The Kate Quinn organic cotton pocket slacks are comfortable, soft, and stylish- for boys or girls.
We got a size 3 and they are loose in the waist and could use a belt. But I kind of like the grungy look. They are on sale for only $18 at GreenEdge Kids! They can be worn as casual or dress wear. I know when the fall approaches us, I will definitely be buying more of Kate Quinn products from GreenEdge Kids!

By the way- GreenEdge Kids puts an organic sucker in your package, so beware opening in front of your child unless you are ready to give them a sucker!


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